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Rogue Trader with Star Wars Dice

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I'm working on adapting Rogue Trader to be able to use the Star Wars Dice system. It's looking to be quite the undertaking, as I've got to modify a good chunk of the talents, but I think it's going to work out great.

I'll share my work in this thread, as I get further along, but at this point I'd like to get your feedback on just one aspect of it —

When should I adjust the difficulty of a roll, versus just adding boost or setback dice.

When something grants a bonus, I'm adding 1 Boost dice per +10 bonus.

When something incurs a penalty, I'm adding 1 Setback dice per -10 penalty.

I'm only changing the difficulty of the dice roll when the test is given a specific difficulty, such as "Ordinary (+10)".

That's working, for the most part, but I'm left wondering when I should upgrade dice, rather than adding boost, setback, or difficulty.

Any suggestions or thoughts on that? Thanks!

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I'm still working on this, and will post more details when I've made more progress. It's definitely turning into a bigger project, but I think it will be worth it.

I've also made a slight adjustment to hit locations, modeling them after the rules from The Riddle of Steel. We're keeping the same zones (Arm, Body, Head, Legs), but rather than randomly determining where you hit, you decide which zone you're going for, and how you're attacking. For instance, if you want to attack the Body with a power sword, there are multiple ways to do it — an overhand swing, a horizontal swing, or maybe an upward swing. Each of those locations will most likely hit the chest, but could the defender can cause the attack to "wander" into a different, less fatal zone.

I'm also making some major changes to Wounds/Critical Damage, and Psychic Powers.

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