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The prices are outrageous

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I knew I would finish in the trash as the date of release would come closer and closer, but I wasn't suspecting that such intense conversations could happen here... Ok I did rise some arguments here and there, that's why I stopped posting everything and nothing and this forum is surely thanking me for this. (yes me, God has nothing to do with my absence here, ok ? :P). 


So well, let's face it, I had my time here...it was Winter I had no job and nothing bright in the sky, now I've had a part time job and I'm into other business... That doesn't kill my hype for the game but I know that, starting from the moment it is released, I'll desert this forum till I have my hands on it to not spoil myself with all your full of craziness comments and analyses :D.

That being said, If I've got a joke or two, I'll happily share them with you... after all, laughing at least 15min a day is recommended for a healthy life.... (that and hundreds of fake advices good for retailers to sell their left over stocks of made in Nowhere fake medicines AT OUTRAGEOUS PRICES:D[Let's stay in the thread, right ?]).


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