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Dystopian Mistborn style PbP (Players Set)

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**Edit 1/31/17** As you can see from the title, I am no longer accepting new characters. I've received too many at this point and I'm trying to juggle letting some of you down and passing up cool characters, or overloading the campaign with what may be too many characters for my first PbP


I've finally come around to the idea of starting my own PbP, something I've been toying with for a while.


I plan on running a very gritty, true to the edge, PbP. If anyone is familiar with Mistborn, it will be similar to the events in the first book, The Final Empire, and I planning on taking HEAVY influences from the book. (If you are unfamiliar with the book, go look it up, buy it, listen to it, obsess over it. The Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson are ALL AMAZING and I would recommend all of them [well any of his books really] to anyone and everyone). I'm still in the very early stages of the planning boards, but I'm thinking of keeping the players localized to a single planet or system for most of the campaign, and going into the very minute details. 


If you are one of the sad souls uneducated in the wonder of Scadrial, its a story of impoverished individuals fighting a godlike being and an unimaginably powerful government oppressing them, sound familiar? The reason why I would like to keep it localized to only a handful of planets is so that each location will be as rich in story and description as I can make it and we really get invested in things. 


A little about myself. I am relatively new to things, in the grand scheme of things. I played DnD a few times in college with experience players, and then a group of like minded friends found these FFG Star Wars games back in December of 2015 and have played a 3ish hour session almost every week, with me gming at least a quarter of them. My second time gming I threw the idea of moving the story along out the window and focused on playing the game like we were really there to its fullest extent, making consequences out of the smallest forgotten detail or overlooked transmission. You can look up everything we've been doing at this obsidian portal, A Study in Idiocy. It's not entirely fleshed out, but we didn't start recording our sessions and uploading things until about halfway through. I'm currently in the In All Things, Balance PbP in the Force and Destiny boards. This is something I really enjoy and want to try my hand at running another campaign. I have access to all of the rulebooks, and most of the sourcebooks. Bare in mind, I am no expert. I will mess things up, and I hope you will forgive me when I do, and help me learn. 


I am looking to have about 4-6 players, ideally already working together, or in the process of forming a team to 'fight the man' and begin trusting (or not trusting) each other. I'm all for subterfuge, backstabbing, betraying, and the underbelly of Coruscant, so if you want your character to have hidden motives, please just message me so I can work them in. I plan on running it in two threads, an OOC and an IC, making use of Orokos for dice rolls. The setting will be during the time between episodes 2 through 4, you guys can decide upon the specifics. I would like to stick the canon material, but if you can make a compelling case and are successful, be my guests kill old Palpy before he executes the famous Order 66 and go down the rabbit hole that will follow. 


I currently have 3 people I'm holding spots for in case they want to play. 1 I'm good friends with in person and we've both been wanting to play the Mistborn RPG (so this is the best of both worlds) and 2 that I've wanted to play with more on these forums. If any of these people choose not to play, I will open up their slots. 



  • Characters!! Preferably done up nicely in SWSheets
    • I want backstories, I want motivations, I want the nitty gritty details
    • Descriptions, what do they look like? How do they conduct themselves in crowds? everything
    • Pick from any race, but keep it to the EotE careers and specializations to begin with. I'm all for developing the characters into something more over time, but not in the beginning. 
    • Character creation experience only. I have nothing against knight play (my Nautolan mechanic has something like 700xp already) by I also enjoy hard times presented when you guys are just little seedlings
  • What do you want to get out of this adventure? 
    • Do you want to overthrow things?
    • Or are you just out for yourselves?
    • What brings to you this life?
  • What is your experience level?
    • I'm ALL for teaching someone and guiding them through this amazing game, but I also expect some level of competence. 
  • What do you expect your posting regularity to be?
    • I myself have a full time, very stressful job, own a house, and am newly married. I have host our in person campaign at my house every week, I go the gym, when the weather is nicer I will be going out and playing baseball and softball, and I still go out to bars and hang out with friends and family. I can make posts as often as I can, but with the recent forum restructuring, I can't login at work anymore. Having said this I will still make the time to post if this is something all of you also find to be fun and entertaining. I can probably make a few posts a night if you guys are active.
  • What rolls are you ok with me rolling for you?
    • I've seen this asking once or twice. What are you ok with me doing for you? I don't want to step on any toes, and I plan on never taking actions for you but when it comes to taking initiative rolls before combat, it will be easier if I do it for everyone rather than wait for each of you to post in. 



  1. Sevia Yarechet - Pantoran Colonist - Politico/Force Sensitive Exile by The Shy Ion
  2. Embal Cestus - Kyuzo Bounty Hunter - Gadgeteer by Avalon Rises
  3. Deebloo Zum'thin - Gamorrean Hired Gun - Marauder by RunJohnnyRun845
  4. Kolir Sandov - Bothan ? - ? by StarKid51
  5. Villo Triqk - Verpine Explorer - Archeologist by No:12
  6. Kimbo Bex - Kyuzo Smuggler - Gunslinger by Simon Retold
  7. Vooz Muglin - Duros Bounty Hunter - Skip Tracer by politicfish
  8. Skauge - Transdoshan Bounty Hunter - Assassin by TheBigTSpot
  9. Tion Nova - Human Smuggler - Gambler by sonovabith
  10. GM Character - Erza Krane - Human Smuggler - Gunslinger/Politico

I plan playing a sidekick character to either a PC or a NPC. I'm all for one of you guys electing a leader amongst yourselves, but this is now getting into the specifics that can wait until an OOC thread is necessary. Once a group is set upon I will make an OOC where we can decide upon a group resource, a location, more specifics on the story, and then go from there. This is very much a living story and I want to work with you guys before I set anything in stone.

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Ooo. I'd call Gambler, but I already have a Gambler in My Kind of Scum and I don't need another one right now. So I guess the question is whether I want to be a sneaky-type or a face-type, since those are my usual roles... though I could always play someone tanky. I've been wanting to do that for a while.

Edit: How do you feel about Force-users, as long as they start in an EotE career and take FsE?

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I'd like to call a reserved slot. You'll have to give me a little time to come up with a concept, of course. (And maybe to read the first book in the series, if I can find it at the local used bookstore.)

EDIT: I'm thinking something along the lines of a Force-using maker/builder type, either using Armorer or Artisan (or both) from Force and Destiny, along with the Manipulation tree. I'd really need to know more specifics about how your setting changes Star Wars before I come up with a solid background, but I'd consider dipping into the Droid Mechanic tree or Modder (if the group needed a pilot).

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4 hours ago, The Shy Ion said:

He did say EotE careers, so y'all might want to look in those. :)

You know, you're right, and somehow I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out. (That's what I get for responding at work!)

In that case, there are a couple different ways I would want to go. First would be Bounty Hunter > Martial Artist (as a starting specialization), but to slowly work toward the sojourner archetype displayed in shows like Kung Fu. I'm not sure where that would lead. Maybe Explorer > Fringer or some other specs.

The other idea would be to play The Law, whatever that might look like. Colonist > Marshal, Smuggler > Gunslinger, or any one of several combinations of Bounty Hunter or Hired Gun specializations might work for that.

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On 1/28/2017 at 5:26 PM, The Shy Ion said:

Edit: How do you feel about Force-users, as long as they start in an EotE career and take FsE?

I never noticed this part of your post. I'm perfectly fine with this, just know that I will use any force sensitivity for potentially big plot points depending on how things go

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12 hours ago, Simon Retold said:

The other idea would be to play The Law, whatever that might look like. Colonist > Marshal, Smuggler > Gunslinger, or any one of several combinations of Bounty Hunter or Hired Gun specializations might work for that.

I know my first post was a little long winded and things may have gone overlooked. 


I like the idea of someone being the lawful type. PM or post your character ideas and we'll go from there. I'm talking with a few people at the moment about it. I'm fine expanding the roster if need be

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9 hours ago, No:12 said:

I'm interested in playing. Will pm you a character and hope there's a slot free! ;)

No:12 is officially the first accepted character. Villo was messaged to me so I have asked them to post the character so you may potentially build your character with them in mind.

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