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73 SP Secutor

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Hi all,


Recently dusted off my PDFs and engaged in a frenzy of ship building. I have always loved the look of the Secutor, and while I know it is hardly optimal for a starting RT looking to maximise AP modifiers, I think the following build is a solid one for a starting player. The long term goal of it is to have the RT as an Indiana Jones and the Quest for Archeotech type, with close ties to the Mechanicus. Built with the assumption of Mathhammer or something very similar in play, and I have included both regular and MH stats where applicable. Without further ado, here is the build - I would love to hear what you think.


Tribunus Aes

Salvaged, modified and repurposed Secutor-Class Monitor-Cruiser

Dimensions: 4.3km long, 0.5km abeam at fins

Mass: 24 Megatonnes

Crew: 50,000

Acceleration: 3.9 Gravities maximum sustained acceleration


Speed: 6 Maneuverability: +10 Detection: +20 Hull Integrity: 62 Armour: 20 (MH 8), Turret Rating: 2 Void Shields: 2 Space: 58 (55 used) Power: 60 (56 Used) Crew Population: 100 Crew Morale: 100 Ship Points: 73


Background Package: Planetbound for Millenia


Essential Components

Modified Jovian-Pattern Class 3 Drive, Strelov 2 Warp Engine, Multiple Void Shield Array, Gellar Field, Command Bridge, Ancient Life Sustainers, Pressed-Crew Quarters, M-201.b Auger Array


Supplemental Components - Weapons

Prow: Gryphonne Pattern Torpedo Tubes, Dorsal: Star-Flare Lance, Port: Mars-Pattern Macrocannon Broadside, Starboard: Mars-Pattern Macrocannon Broadside


Other Facilities

Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay, Observation Dome, Trophy Room


AP Modifiers

Criminal +100, Exploration +100, Trade +100


Future Additions

Laboratorium, Librarium and a Teleportarium (for flavour - salvaged if possible). The usual upgrades and improvements in craftsmanship for the macrocannons.


Should be tough enough to fight anything it is likely to come across for a long while. I know the weapons are not optimised and long range is limited to the torpedoes, but that is the only way to thematically include the "Indiana Jones" components later on. If you want to forgoe that option, you have the power to switch to Sunsear batteries in the port and starboard slots if you also switch the Auger to an RG-50. This would make an even better explorer and combat ship. I designed this ship for flavour more than min-max crunch though. Of course, choosing the Secutor and not a Thulian Lathe might be considered non-RPing if this is the sort of ship I wanted anyway since you can make a self-sufficient Lathe explorer/science vessel which is reasonably tough easily enough. I may post that version should there be any interest expressed.

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For an exploration and long range firepower, you can put a repulsor shied, and put Sunsear macro batteries on prow and odrsal, and put Mars pattern launch bays on the side. less power used, it will help you to explore unknown worlds with a proper set of small crafts, as well as trade.

And concerning future additions, try to put an Auto-temple in there too. 

But yes, Secutor are lovelies light cruisers if done right.

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