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Playing a Magos of Forge Polix

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Hello everyone. First of all thank you all for your contribution to this Forum, it is a great inspiration.

For an upcoming Campaing one of the characters will play a Magos of Polix.

The Background:
He was a loyal Minoion of one of the Arch Magi in the Forge, but on getting in touch with one of the Magis personal Relics, a cursed Servo Skull from the Dark Ages everything changes.
The dreaded Skull established some kind of telepatic link to our protagonist and starts whispering in his dreams, telling him dark secrets of power and beauty.
Finally he gives in to the temptation, steals the Skull and fleeing the forgeworld to discover the skulls mysteries for himself.

Behind the scenes:
Some greater Deomon uses the Skull as focus, to talk and influence the players.
His final goal is to make the players give him some real body (Something epic like a Titan or some Spaceship to spread havoc in our realm).
To get there the Magos has to train his skills, experiment on merging Flesh and Machine and have those possessed by the demon entities.

So, I'm looking for the Rules available for the Magos to run his research on some helpless victims. Everything available to run funny experiements. So far I have:

- Rite of Fleshmoulding (Tome of Excess) to give victims a new shape/function.
- Possession (Tome of Decay) to force a demon in a living beeing.
- Summoning some Deamon and unsing a Binding Ritual to merge them to some victim.
- Finally the rules for creating a Demon Engine (Tome of Decay) to bind a demon to Vehicles, Servitors,....

Any other interesting stuff or ideas I've missed?


Thanks and Regards

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