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Finn/Poe Deck- Critique

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5 Supports

12 Upgrades

13 Events

18 Count Dice Pool

15 Red

13 Yellow

2 Gray


   Finn Elite


Battle Field -

   Starship Graveyard

Support Cards-

   2 First Order Tie

   1 Black One

   1 AT-ST

   1 Millennium Falcon


   2 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

   2 DH-17 Blaster Pistol

   2 F-11D Rifle

   2 Holdout Blaster

   2 Second Chance

   2 Cunning


   2 Rearm

   2 Hit and Run

   2 Unpredictable

   2 Scramble

   2 Electroshock

   2 Dug in

   1 Field Medic



Okay so the idea here is to ditch tie fighters or the AT-ST with Poe to try and get quick damage in; then yous Starship Graveyard to get the vehicles back to the hand.The secondary strategy is beefed up ranged damage characters.The red and yellow I fell is a fairly standard build for the space allotted relaying on Second Chance and Dug In to keep my Characters alive has the spit out massive blows. Cunning is maxed at 2 to make Poe's ability to more actively resolve and to chain massive special damage on the rare occasions it happens. I still kept a lot of dice disruption to waste opponents resources and slow down their progress while trying to hit special rolls. AT-ST is probably the most questionable card in the deck but it forces the opponent to take disrupts more seriously while still being live for Poe on and good special roll.


Mention-able cuts from the deck include a second field medic, Thermal Detonator, Defensive Position, Let the Wookie Win, and Retreat. Retreat and Field medic were consider purely on surviving. Defensive Position and Let the Wookie Win for more Dice manipulation. Thermal Detonator is a hard cut with Poe and rearm being big parts of the deck. Cunning and Detonator can deal massive combo damage, in addition Poe can discard Detonator the you can rearm in back at the cost of 2 also dropping at least 3 damage to all Enemy Characters. The combos possible with Detonator and its ability to do swift damage is just really amazing.

I would love any feedback and Criticism on the deck. 


Edited by gearin4keeps

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- 2 DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

+ 2 IQA-13 Assault Rifle

  • You want Rearm fodder and it can only return red upgrades from your discard pile.


- 2 Scramble

+ 1 Negotiate

+ 1 Shoot First

  • Scramble is too slow. Go for heavy removal. The numbers are to your taste but I'd include one of them.


- 2 First Order Tie Fighter

- 1 Black One

+ 1 Launch Bay

+ 1 Millennium Falcon / AT-ST

+ 1 Logistics

  • The deck is resource intensive, so Logistics fits the bill for slower turns. TIE/fo are more of a eRey/eQui-Gon Jinn tech counter, I guess you could keep one if you really like it. But I'd prefer to up the count of actual dangerous vehicles. Personal taste: I don't like Black One. Launch Bay would be my immediate substitute and a much more lethal choice.


- 2 Something

+ 1 Scavenge

+ 1 Hyperspace Jump

  • Scavenge accelerates Poe's effectiveness and Rearm fodder. Hyperspace Jump because, really...why not? I just don't know what you would remove at this point.


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In response to "why not?": because you don't necessarily want to be that guy with the hyperspace loop lockdown. It's certainly not going to win you any goodwill amongst your friends, though it might be less problematic without ETR. 

Have we considered Hired Guns? Those help with resource generation, deal solid damage, and give you more ablative health for your yellow-only upgrades if you take two of them. 

Edited by WonderWAAAGH

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If we're taking social networking as an aspect here, then yes...HSJ might not be your best choice. If we're considering extra competitive tools for the deck, this might buy him a critical turn against a damage-heavy roll.

And Hired Gun might change the whole structure of the deck. Then, Hyperloop might be the natural course.

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