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Starting A New Campaign

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I bet there is about a hundred of similair threads to this so sorry.

I did already play once this game, but the party fell apart (after one of them drove over another on a chimera) and some other people asked me run it for them. currently its a tiny party consisting of two people (probably 3 soon).  They are complete newbies to the game and the universe as a whole. I thought I would have the first mission for them is escaping an underhive during a purge done by the Inquisitorial forces. They are to escape with an important parchment containing a bunch of true names of daemons and are tasked to deliver it to the Eye of Terror from the pacificus fringe. There I plan to unite them with Abadons 13th black crusade and make them relive the events of the fall of Cadia.

The two of them are best friends so no problem getting them to work together, but I have a problem with them straying easily ofcourse or engaging in unwinnable battles (One of them is a Chaos Space Marine Chosen while the other will probably become a human).

Thanks in advance.

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If they are new to the universe I'd run Broken Chains. It's a decent enough introduction.

However I always suggest to try and stay in sector, the game is about getting Infamy enough to run your own Black Crusade, not about joining someone else's. Where's the glory in that?

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