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The Last Jedi

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It's jarring to me that the lettering is red when it's normally yellow.


I believe the text was red for Revenge of the Jedi, at least in the teaser trailer that got shown way back in the day.




Also much of the text for Return of the Jedi was red on the old Kenner toy sets.  If you're looking for a symbolic link through coloring, I'd say this is a safe bet.  It'll be one of only two movies that reference Jedi directly in the title.

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On 2/23/2017 at 4:01 PM, Josep Maria said:

Just as a curiosity. In the spanish versions it was translated as plural "Los Últimos Jedi".

Very curious to see if this is a function of "Jedi" being both singular and plural or if there is a plot point behind it.

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