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[Brooklyn, NY] Star Wars Destiny: The Organized Fray 2/25

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Saturday February 25th 2017

Located at: Nu Brand Gaming
194 31st street Brooklyn, NY 11232

Registration begins at 11:00AM, the games begin at 12am
Entry Fee: $15, $10 for Nu Brand Gaming members

Tournament Structure:
The tournament will be using the basic tournament structure and relaxed tournament tier
All tournament rules and current FAQ can always be found at:


Swiss pairings
3-5 35 minute rounds depending on attendance

Prize support

Last Place Finisher: K2SO’s mandatory prize
Top 16: First Order TIE Fighter alternate art
9th Place: The Jek Porkins award
Top 8: 2 awakenings booster packs
Second Place: 5 acrylic resource tokens, 6 awakenings booster packs
First Place: Kylo Ren Alternate art, 5 acrylic resource tokens, 12 awakening booster packs

Hope to see you there!

We can hold 40+ players all with plenty of space.


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On 1/22/2017 at 4:30 PM, WonderWAAAGH said:

At this point you might get attendees just hoping to make top 8, since packs are so scarce. Question: doesn't the prize kit come with two alternate art Kylos?

It actually comes with 3x alternate artwork Kylo's.  The idea is that the organizer gets one and then the other two go to participants.  My assumption is that the organizers decided to keep two and only give one out to participants...

From FFG's article about the current Destiny OP kit...



Core Prize Card - 16 copies of the alternate art card “First Order TIE Fighter”. If you’re looking to add powerful fire support to a Villain deck, call in one of these things. Just like the Rey card from the Launch Party, the text is written in Aurebesh™, the language of Star Wars.

Elite Prize Card - 2 copies of the alternate art card “Kylo Ren”. Also in Aurebesh, you can show your opponents the Dark Side with this powerful character card!

Elite Prize Item - 2 sets of 5 acrylic Resource Tokens. Resources are an incredibly important part of the game and you can show your success with these tokens!

An additional copy of each prize card is included for the organizer to keep or award, at their discretion.


That last line tells you that there are actually 17x TIE Fighters and 3x Kylo's.  The picture in the article also shows 3x Kylo's.

$15 seems like a lot for a tournament where the whole OP kit isn't even being handed out.  Also, the entry fee being 50% higher for non members feels like a big one fingered salute to anyone looking to come to the store for the first time.  Is this normal?  I've NEVER seen a local shop (I live between Philly and Baltimore, so there are tons) charge a lower entry fee for "regulars" versus "out of towners".  What would the possible justification be for charging some people 50% more to participate?

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