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Excel Sheet - Auto Generator

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My apologies for my silence over the past few years.  Our group quit playing Anima, but now that I've moved and am looking for a new group, I've re-opened my favorite game to play with it some.  I found this old Excel on my google drive, but I'd give write access to a few people, and in the process, much of the sheet was broken.  I've repaired all the mistakes made (that I've found anyhows), and noticed that it's been updated with the latest books (including Core Exxet).  I've not verified the algorithms, all I've done is fixed all the obvious errors: #VALUE! stuff... and obvious fubars.


I've made 6 characters with it, and the numbers all add up, so it could be that it's all fixed, but I give no guarantees on that.  :P


Of note: This sheet is IDEAL for homebrew classes.  It makes it very easy to create/adapt your own classes to an auto generator.  However, make your own copy...  I'll not likely give write access to this particular file again (though you can download it and use it as it is, but your changes won't show on the shared version).


Saddened that the game (and the crowd) has died off... understandable, but still saddening.  

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