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San Antonio, TX 1/21/2017

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In San Antonio, we had a smallish tournament in preparation for our upcoming regional on February 11th at Dragon's Lair.  Although we were four in number, everyone had at least one prior Top-4 finish in a regional, making for a competitive field.  In a moment of boredom in recent days, I took a retooled version of my Rieekan Battleship list (included below).  We had the Rieekan Acehole's from the runner-up at world's in attendance, and both Imperial lists featured large Rhymerballs, one built around an ISD, and one with two Interdictors playing shenanigans with objectives.


Faction: Rebel Alliance
Points: 400/400

Commander: General Rieekan

Assault Objective: Advanced Gunnery
Defense Objective: Fire Lanes
Navigation Objective: Intel Sweep


[ flagship ] MC80 Assault Cruiser (114 points)
-  General Rieekan  ( 30  points) 
-  Defiance  ( 5  points) 
-  Raymus Antilles  ( 7  points) 
-  Engine Techs  ( 8  points) 
-  Reinforced Blast Doors  ( 5  points) 
-  Advanced Projectors  ( 6  points) 
-  Leading Shots  ( 4  points) 
179 total ship cost


GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points)
-  Bright Hope  ( 2  points) 
-  Expanded Hangar Bay  ( 5  points) 
25 total ship cost


CR90 Corvette B (39 points)
-  SW 7 Ion Batteries  ( 5  points) 
44 total ship cost


CR90 Corvette B (39 points)
-  SW 7 Ion Batteries  ( 5  points) 
44 total ship cost


CR90 Corvette A (44 points)
-  Jainas Light  ( 2  points) 
-  Turbolaser Reroute Circuits  ( 7  points) 
53 total ship cost


2 A-Wing Squadrons ( 22 points) 
1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 
1 Shara Bey ( 17 points) 

This archetype is well know.  Some variation of it has won in a couple of different wave 4 regionals.  We should think of Biggs as the pioneer, and I used it to a regional victory last June and at GenCon.  I played about 3 or 4 games with the archetype during wave 4, focusing mostly on my Madine Liberty list (I must say it is really weird to change-up between a list that really wants first player all the time versus a list that almost always prefers second player).  Ackbar is popular with this archetype, but I've personally liked Rieekan myself.  I'd rather fly a bit more directly at the enemy and look to double arc. The MC80 is usually durable enough to hold out, and I think RBD is a superb adjustment in the squadron meta.  One can argue about what specific upgrades to put and tweak around the edges.  I didn't find the EHB all that useful for example, so that's a tweak.  I don't think that given the way this list plays that the MC80 really needed XI7, although a turbolaser would have been nice.  The SW-7 Bumper cards are extremely brutal in a Rieekan list, and they're easy for opponent's to underestimate.

Overall, this was a fun event and a good time.  The Interdictor list won all three of its games 6-5, which seems consistent with what I've seen out of Interdictors.  They do a great job limiting losses and are pretty tough to play against, but they also have a hard time forcing engagement and generating large wins.  The other weird curiosity is that I managed a 5-6 against the Interdictor, and a 5-6 against the runner-up player at World's, but managed to win the tournament because I pulled a 10-1 in the first game.  With 4 players, we all played each other, so each list had a chance to test itself against the same field over the course of the day.  As with our earlier tournament in Austin two weeks ago, I still see the same basic archetypes being very strong.  Wave 5 has something for nearly every archetype and I see the next 8 months as an amazingly fun time to be playing Armada.

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