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Decimator needs an escort

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Hey fellow pilots,

I'm looking for some advice since I'm building a list for an upcoming tournament. I would like to play the VT-49 Decimator & to have at least 3 Ships.


My first ideas:


  • Captain Oicunn (Predator, Vader, 48 P.)


I like Oicunns Ability. PS 4 seems also great. Vader is pretty useful vs Aces especially those Mandalorian Starfighters. Predator ... well when I use Oicunns Ability I have no Action so I need an actionfree Attack buff.


  • Omega Leader (Juke, Com-Relay, 26 P.)

Pretty solid late Game choice isn't it?



27 Points to go.


What would you include?


  • just 2 TIEs? (not a good idea since their 2 AT doesn't seem to work at the moment)
  • a PS 5 Bomber with some nasty Torpedos/Missiles and Extra-Munition for some Alpha-Strike
  • A PS 4 Interceptor with PTL & AT? 
  • Zeta Leader with Wired & Relay?
  • Other ideas?


Other idea is to put also a Rebel Captive on the Decimator instead of Predator for a better control element.



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Zeta Leader Wired & Relay es a good complement for Omega Leader. I Play this two ship with Krassis+Gunner+Heavy Lasser Canon... and good result. But with Oiccun is better.

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Here's a list:


"Deathfire" (17)
Extra Munitions (2)
Plasma Torpedoes (3)
Conner Net (4)
Long-Range Scanners (0)
Valen Rudor (22)
Juke (2)
Autothrusters (2)
TIE/v1 (1)
Storm Squadron Pilot (23)
Proton Rockets (3)
Accuracy Corrector (0)
Guidance Chips (0)
TIE/x1 (0)
"Countdown" (20)
Lightweight Frame (2)
Adaptive Ailerons (0)
"Pure Sabacc" (22)
Predator (3)
Lightweight Frame (2)
Adaptive Ailerons (0)
"Zeta Leader" (20)
Juke (2)
Comm Relay (3)
Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1)
"Backdraft" (27)
Adaptability (0)
Special Ops Training (0)
Omicron Group Pilot (21)
Electronic Baffle (1)
Engine Upgrade (4)
None of these guys are super-de-duper sexy, but they're all solid ships that can be flown well and do real work. Even the naked Backdraft is a mini-Firespray, with 2 green dice, 6HP and PS8. He'll blow up, but if your opponent targets him and not the ship with Vader, that's fine by you.
Since your Decimator has a huge target on it, I'd pick another offensive ship for the mix, I think.

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