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Help me get rid of 12 cards lol

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I have this Poe, Rebel Soldier, Hired Gun list I am trying to make. I think it can be really fun. I am struggling getting down to 30 cards. I would love to get rid of data pad and comlink but I see them needing to be there for resources. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


The idea is to get as many red support vehicles, red weapons, and between poe and rebel soldier you can change all those die to ranged damage and resolve them with Its a trap. I mean I could go double rebel soldier, but lose a few health and all the utility and awesome cards that comes with yellow. Plus Millenium falcon and hyperspace jump with poe is so much fun. Any help would be appreciated. 

 Upgrade (9  9 )
x1  Comlink ()
x1  Cunning ()
x1  Datapad ()
x2  Jetpack ()
 Support (5  5 )
x1  Black One ()
x1  Launch Bay ()
 Event (28 )
x2  Aim
x2  All In
x1  Disarm
x2  Dug in
x2  Field Medic
x2  Firepower
x2  Hit and Run
x2  It's a Trap!
x2  Logistics
x2  Rearm
x1  Scramble
x2  Shoot First


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Pick what you want to do and stick just with that. So if you going the resource to support route, only pick cards that achieve that goal. So as good a card as field medic is, drop it in favor of cards that keep every turn driving hard at your goal.

With Poe you have 14 non character dice. That's fairly low so I would focus on dropping events.

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