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Finding Players and Game Masters for a Local Game near you

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Looking for Group... I see it time and time again.  A person walks up to the shelf looking at all the books in the Star Wars RPG Line at the Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville, MN.  People look at it and are very interested in getting the game.  However, they put the book down and walk away.  When asked why did they not buy the book.  99% of the time the response is, "I want to but I do not know of any local players or game masters running a game."


Why is it so difficult to find a group?

Well many will ask their friends, take to Meetup, the FFG official forums, all in search for a group.  People post Looking for players, Looking for GM, and never seem to have any luck.  You may get one or two responses, but often you hear allot of, "Our group is full, sorry no more people allowed."  Some how it is a struggle to find local games in your area.  Why is it so difficult?


How do we make it easier for Game Masters and Players to find local games?

That is where Legends of the Galaxy comes in.  Legends of the Galaxy started with 1 Game Master.  He wanted to help players interested in the game find and meet other players.  So he began hosting Public Games at his FLGS.  Many came to his events often forcing him to find other Game Masters to help running up to 4 tables all at the same time.  He asked himself, "If I am this successful is this same issue plaguing other markets."  Assuming that this was the case from all of the looking for group postings around the world he, and his friends formed Legends of the Galaxy.  Legends of the Galaxy is a Community Driven Roleplaying Experience.  Meeting with FFG Game Developers they wrote Organized Play rules and began hosting events all over their community.  The community flourished, grew, and now tons of games are available all over the place for people to play.  Other markets began doing the same at places like Characterz Cafe Coffee and Roasterz in Pleasanton, CA or Just Games in Rochester, NY.  Our Community launched www.LegendsoftheGalaxy.com.  It is a website that is filled with helpful tools (cheat sheets for how to play, pre-generated characters for beginner players to learn to play, adventures to download, and so much more) from around the community, an event calendar where local GMs can post their events for people to join.  A discussion board where the community can talk about the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny).  It is a way for players and game masters to finally find each other with ease. 


Why should I host an event?

Legends of the Galaxy is a new and growing community it is up to you the community leaders to help us grow.  You are our only hope.  If you want to join consider telling your local game masters, hobby shops, and friends to host events.  They can post their event in our calendar and players can search for games in their area.  You can even report the results of your adventure back to Legends of the Galaxy so your adventures can influence the adventures we write and share in future seasons of our organized play story.  As a way to thank our local event organizers each event you run and report back to Legends of the Galaxy will earn you credit in our GM Legendary Awards Program.  It is a program funded by the community to give back to local GMs thanking them for hosting events.  You can earn free FFG product purchased by Legends of the Galaxy and given as a gift to your local Game Masters. 


With so much to offer why not join the community?

  • If you are looking for help finding other local players, game masters, event shops running games then Legends of the Galaxy is for you.... 
  • If you want to be part of a community where Game Masters share story ideas to create an combined game universe then Legends of the Galaxy is for you....
  • If you want to find a website that has assembled amazing tools that are easy to find to enhance your star wars roleplaying experience, the Legends of the Galaxy is for you....
  • If you want to just try the game out and see if it is worth buying and running with your friends then Legends of the Galaxy is for you....
  • If you love Star Wars RPG then Legends of the Galaxy is for you....
  • If you want to participate in our GM Legendary Award Program then Legends of the Galaxy is for you....




Join us, become a Legend of the Galaxy and Experience Adventure and Excitement in a Galaxy Far, Far Away....



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I'm from the Twin Cities and I'm looking to get started with Edge of the Empire. What's the best way to get started with one of these events? Do I just show up on the event day and look for a game to join or is there a sign up for it? 

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On 3/6/2019 at 2:29 PM, Atraangelis said:

I went to the website and looked at creating event,  how does it work?

Launching a Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy game in your community is easier than you would think. We recommend you start by reading our Organized Play Rules.  Once you understand the play rules you can start by creating an event on our event calendar.  Once it has been added to our calendar you can share the link on social media with friends and others in your area.  Players in your backyard will begin to RSVP securing a seat at the table.  Then simply show up and have fun running a game.  It is that simple.

Don't have a Game Master, no problem.  We recommend that you post an event for a character creation night.  This allows many players and game masters to meet up and network.  It does not take long to get a game going.  You can also host Learn to Play events to introduce new players to the game, growing the community.

I recommend that you print off a few helpful guides/cheat sheets, some pre-generated characters, and have a set of table dice that people can share.  Doing this will make your game more inviting to new players.  Consider printing one of our event flyers and ask your favorite local game store if you can post it on their community board.  By sharing your game with your local game store they can begin to recommend your events to players who purchase the game at their store.

Need some help running adventures.  Legends of the Galaxy has your back.  Visit our Adventure Pages to access links to buy official adventures or download fan made roleplaying adventures.  The Adventure pages include opening crawls, suggestions for introducing players or expanding adventures.  It lists story and equipment rewards to give to your players and much more.

The team at Legends of the Galaxy will also help by sharing your event to the community on social media and recommend players in your local area.  We can send out e-mail blasts to players near you advertising your game event.

When your game is over you can report your adventure results and earn points towards our GM Legendary Award Program.  

If after hosting a few events you are not successful with finding players.  You should consider running or playing in some of our online game events.  Legends of the Galaxy has a Roll20 and Discord Server where games are frequently held.

I hope this was helpful. 

Cora Dolphie

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added mention about online games.

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