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Brote the Swed

Your worst/thoughest enemy

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As the title say i wonder what have you as a player or as a GM thrown at your group that would/did break them ( end game stuff )

Like have anyone thrown the kraken from Tome of Blood

Recreated the Skull Harvest

Thrown high end demon princes or greater demons at a low-mid game party

Personaly worst i fought was a bunch of mechanicus dudes and a Onager deamon engine of wich our heretek forced it into lava.

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Best Troops players got:

  • Mutiator - rarely used
  • pyromancer coven - rarely used
  • Tzeench daemon bound Silvertower - got for terror tactic/ground support cant be fielded with nurgle daemon-engine
  • Nurgle daemon-bound defiler - actively used good for terror tactic/infantry
  • Warp Talons  - most effective unit they hired
  • Chaos Space Marines - untrustworthy, always whining ,irresponsible bunch of super-soldiers just like the player characters....
  • Human disciple of chaos, Renegades, Pirates, Lost and Damned troops - numerous devoted followers ideal for mechanized warfare (thanks, jets, artillery, etc)  dies very quickly


Worst enemies they stands against,


  • Greater daemon of Tzeench, Lord of Change: Oba 'mhara
  • Sorceres, chaos spykers
  • Khorne daemon engine Brass Scorpion
  • Rak 'gol mobs
  • Rubric Marines
  • Phase Assassin
  • Imperial Knights

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