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other board games

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I play this, starwars rebellion, twighlight imperium, and some other stuff was looking for suggestions for other games to get.


edit: is there any problem with me posting this exact question in other forums to try and get a response from people who play those games and not this one?

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well you will usually get no reply at all. first thing isa what type of game you like to play


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well thats why I listed some. 

I like games that can have a bunch of people and has you making alliances and like this and twighlight imperium but more often than not I can't get 5 or 6 people together so I also like games that work with 2 people like rebellion. 

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Suggesting 2 player games and keeping it to Fantasy Flight I would recommend:


Arkham Horror/Elder Sign

Lord of the rings

World of warcraft/ World of warcraft the adventure game



Multiple players:

Battlestar Galactica (5 players is best ok with 4 or 6)

Descent ( 3 players minimum)

Fury of Dracula (3-5 players) *

World of warcraft (good to 4 or 6 players, not 5)

Dungeon Quest*


Now if I was to suggest other games outside of Fantasy Flight I would recommend pretty much anything from Avalon Hill as well as from Games workshop from the UK. (many are mentioned here with a * as FFG has the license for distribution)

Avalon hill has been purchased by Hasbro Games many years ago and contain games which are in My(and many others) top list of best games.

Diplomacy (3-7 players)

RoboRally (2-10 players)

House on Haunted Hill (3-6 players)

Civilization (2-6 players and totally different from the FFG game)

Axis and Allies (2-5 players)

Monsters Menace America (2-4 players)

History of the World (3-6 players)

Titan (2-6 players)



To give you an example of the games I like or recommend you...

first understand I have an idetic memory (instant recall not photographic) and am easily able to count cards without issue.I can break game mechanics and find loopholes and errors in games within an hour or two of gameplay (usually the first game I play).

This makes for a bad play experience for many of others that play with or against me.

Unless it is a fundamentally sound game. (Avalon Hill), historical in nature(Avalon Hill), based upon IP (intellectual property I like) (FFG,AH,GW)or completely random. (Games workshop). This is why they are selected. If you want an itemized explanation for each I am happy to provide one or many, but I suspect this is a wall of text as it is.


Hope that helps,

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Posted (edited)

Hello Badluck.  It looks like we have similar tastes in games, so I'm going to give you my top seven (in alphabetical order):

  • A Game Of Thrones
  • Axis And Allies
  • Britannia
  • Diplomacy
  • Star Trek Ascendancy
  • Supremacy 2020
  • Titan

All of these are lite war games with deep strategy.

For the record I do love Rebellion, but I've only played three times so I'm not willing to include it among my favourites until I have a better grasp of strategies and game balance.

I never player TI.  It looks fantastic, but by the time it came out I'd hit a point in life where it's very difficult to find time or players for marathon war-games.  Had it come out ten years earlier I'd have been all over it!

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