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Expertise on Omega Leader

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If OL has you locked you cannot modify dice.  Modifying dice is any of the following three things:


- Adding die results.  E.g. Spending evade tokens, Advanced Targetting Computer.

- Modifying die results.  E.g. Expertise, spending focus tokens.

- Rerolling dice.  E.g. Target Locks, Zuckuss crew.


Note that you cannot spend a token that would modify results, just to spend the token, e.g. so that Keyan Farlander can remove stress, or Garven Dreis can pass a focus to a friend.


You *can* add or remove dice before rolling (e.g. Miranda Doni's pilot ability, range bonuses, Zuckuss pilot).  You *can* also cancel results e.g. Crack Shot, Ion Cannon, TLT etc.


The other exception is if Palpatine is on another ship - he can then modify the dice of OL's locked target if they're attacking or defending against OL, because it's Palpatine's ship doing the modifying in that instance.


In short: no, Expertise doesn't work if you're attacking Omega Leader and he has you TLed.

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