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When will the Figure and Tile Collection be back in Stock?

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Hello, this year I can't wait to buy Mansions of Madness and play with my wife, however I won't have funds until Easter to buy the base game, or perhaps Summer for the full  collection so far.  However since the Figure and Tile collections are out of stock I may buy these when they are in stock first, so buying the collection will be easier.


So to help my stategy, can anyone shed light on when the store will update the stock or is it simply checking daily on the store.


All the best,




PS  I'm happy to collect expansions before the base game, as the extra month or 2 waiting won't be too long!

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Hard to say when they will be back in stock here (they are currently on the boat from the printer which can take several weeks) but both figure and tile expansions are in stock at Miniature Market in St. Louis and available for online ordering.

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