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Stand-ups - list of

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Sisters & Brethren,


Is there a list available - somewhere - that indicates which creature stand-ups are in which one of these WFRPG sets by FFG?

I have the list one can download here at FFG that indicates how many of what size stand-ups are in what sets, but that is not my question.

For example, in the Edge of Night box there are: Grey Seer, Clanrat(2), Gutter Runner(2), Rat Ogre.

Another example, in the Game Master's Toolkit there are: Rat Ogre(2), Clanrat(2), Gutter Runner, Orc, Snotling(2), Giant Wolf(2), Imp(2), Flesh Hound(2), Fury, Marauder, Gor(2), Ungor(2).

A list like this for all of the boxes would make it easier for me to decide which of the FFG WFRPG items I need to pursue more than others.


Why do I need this list?

I play a lot of the original Warhammer Quest (WhQ) and sometimes these WFRPG stand-ups are just easier to use for some of the Monsters.

Moreover, sometimes one rolls up just one or two more of a Monster at a single time than one may have toy soldiers for and the stand-ups provide unquestionable back-ups in the event of a lack.

Furthermore, the large stand-ups represent large Monsters that the model made by GW just does not really fit well on a WhQ tile or map so the stand-ups are very handy.


Thank you in advance for any and all assistance any or all of you can provide in this matter.

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Thank you for the referral Nimsim.

Those pics answer a great number of questions.


They do not answer "what something is" though.

Like on Core Set 2 - what are the persons in the top row second and fourth from the left?

They do not match any of my creature cards.


Has anyone gone through and made a list of which stand-ups are in what set?

I can make some educated guesses from the pics and what the books from the box sets I have sort of say, but help!


I take it from the pics there are a lot more Tzeentchian creatures on the creature cards than are depicted on stand-ups in the Winds of Magic box.

Is this true?

Like there is no Daemon Prince of Tzeentch, Disc of Tzeentch, Sorceror Lord of Tzeentch, Herald of Tzeentch or Sorceror of Tzeentch.


Help please?!?

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