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Nerekhall - Seeds of Corruption: Now Available !

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Link: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/1/16/corruption-begins/


It will be nice to have a new challenge.  Looking forward to playing this !


EDIT: Someday, I will really get a handle on the whole "sub-forum" thing, and posting in the right place !


:P  :D  :lol:

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This looks REALLY good, the maps look like a clear step-up from everything I've seen in RtL thus far.


It's so tempting to play this solo, yet it's so much more enjoyable with friends... maybe it has enough replay-value to play it more than once with all the decisions to be made?


Also we haven't even finished the first campaign and we won't continue for a month... so what do you guys think, should I start this solo or fully enjoy this with friends in a few months?



I'm in the first quest, and I gotta say. "This is really ****** cool".
Doing Grey Ker - Wildlander, Reynhart - Champion, Avric - Bard.

Also, clear a lot of room for this first map, its kinda large.


I think that's quite the strong party. Grey Ker is extremely strong in RtL and I feel like he kind of made what we played of the first campaign too easy (even on hard) for us, just keep this in mind and play a little faster to offset his power a bit, if you like being challenged.

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