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New game based on LOTR?

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It seems that while the LOTR LCG is going strong, there's very little other support for the LOTR IP. Since the LOTR LCG's release, Star Wars, CoC, and Android have all had major releases, many with expansions, but other than "Journey to Mordor" (which I don't even count), there doesn't seem to be any other board/card games about middle earth in the pipeline. Any particular reason why? I'd love to get my hands on some other LOTR FFG releases. What about a reinvented "Middle Earth Quest"? I've never played the original, but the reviews on BGG suggest that with some updates and polish, it could be a pretty cool game.


On another note, I'd love to see some LOTR LCG playmats, solo and multiplayer versions. I'd also love to see a "Road to Legend" style app with custom quests, based on your collection. That last request might be a bit difficult, but I'd pay a buck or two for a new quest with my existing card pool.

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