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Who will the other characters be in SoR? (Speculation)

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2 hours ago, blackholexan said:

As a Unique Character? I think that it deserves a slot as a support or a non unique character.

I think we might get 2 non-unique red villains this time, just like we might get 4 unique blue heroes.

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Final Predictions.





1. Chirrut Imwe (Confirmed)

2. Old Ben (Leaked)

3. Ahsoka Tano  (Rebels Slot)

4. Mace Windu (Prequel Slot)



1. Mon Mothma (Confirmed for release but not spoiled)

2. Cassian Andor (OT/RO Slot)

3. Clone Trooper (Maybe too similar to FO Trooper/ On past card)

4. Commander Cody (Prequel/ TCW slot)



1. Jyn Erso (Confirmed)

2. Chewbacca (Hinted At) (On Past Card(s))

3. Maz Kanata (Leaked, but may not be a character. Would fit sequel trilogy character slot.)

4. Saw Gerrera





1. Emperor Palpatine (Confirmed)

2. The Grand Inquisitor (Rebels Slot)

3. Ventress (TCW/ Prequel Slot) (On Past Card)

4. Darth Maul (On past card, Prequel-TCW/ Rebels Slot)



1. Director Orson Krennic (Confirmed)

2. Death Trooper (Confirmed)

3. General Hux (Sequel Slot)

4. Destroyer Droid (Would fit alphabetical order requirement) (Prequel Slot)



1. Unkar Plutt  (Would fit the sequel trilogy character slot)

2. Cad Bane (TCW/ Prequel Slot) (On Past Card)

3. IG-88 (Confirmed)

4. Guavian Death Gang Thug (Sequel Trilogy Slot) (On Past Card) OR Dr. Aphra (SW has really been pushing her)

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