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What's the state of your Corellian Conflict Universe?

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We're about to start round two of our campaign.  Events so far:

Imperials placed bases on Corellia, Selonia, Centerpoint and Xyquine II

Rebels have presence on Raider's Point, Vagran, Saberhing Asteriods, Aurea, Nubia and Forvano

First Rebel assault was launched at Corellia - Admiral Ackar in Defiance with an AF & MC-30 with fighter support got mauled by twin ISDs of Admiral Screed.  Only the AF escaped to hyperspace.

The Empire struck back at Vagran - Grand Moff Tarkin with a VSD, a couple of Arquitens and 7 TIE Defenders (inc Maarek) were battered by Commander Sato and his rogues.  Spynet was useful here and probably helped swing the game, although an MC-30 throwing 6 blacks into the VSD might have helped!

The final Rebel assault was at Polanis - Mon Mothma with a CR-90 swarm backed up by Luke, Wedge and other fighters got smashed by Moff Jerjerrod with an ISD, some Arquitens, a Raider and a smattering of TIEs

All three battles were won by the defender, the base defense objectives are pretty good for the second player.

A new Imperial base was constructed at Polanis but the refit and resource points for this round were pretty equal; 45/49 for the Empire and 45/48 for the Rebels.

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Going into Round 5

8-3 for Rebels.  Rebels agreed to delay the All Out one more round to see if we can get our three imperial fleets up to full strength.

Rebels shot out of the gate and Imperials havent had the traction to catch up.  Sato is 5-0, flying sqadron heavy 6 ship fleet (pelta, salvation, AF, MC30, 2 transports), and the black die are just ripping everything apart.

Vader is keeping the Imps up, Motti triple vics was too damaged and had to swap to Screed in the 4th round.  Myself playing Tarkin, am still figuring out Imperials as I normally play rebels.

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