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54NCH32 IA Paintworks

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Hi all,

So having been caught heavily in FFG's tractor beam last year with Armada, after considering it for a while,I finally decided to treat myself to the IA core set back in December (+ several expansions). I caught the miniature painting bug again big time last year after a long 15 year hiatus, so its been really satisfying to get going again (starting by painting tiny xwings and TIESs was like jumping in the deep end ha!)

It was nice to be painting some minifigs again, really enjoyed doing these. Decided to throw up my Imperial first (my heroes are done but are currently being applied to custom bases). No AT-ST yet, thats the last one to do. Also have some scratchbuilt token replacements to post up at some point as well.

Still a few clean ups and varnishings to do here and there, a little rough in places and I can't stand painting eyes (my hand shakes at times), mostly aiming for a decent tabletop standard, but yeah, hope you enjoy...

p.s. Massive shout out to Sorastro! Your video series really helped me get my swing back on painting figures again. Many, many thanks!

Update 1: Core Set Imperials, Vader
Update 2: Scenery
Update 3: Alliance Rangers
Update 4: Core Heroes
Update 5: Han Solo
Update 6: Luke (Jedi)
Update 7: Tournament/List Pics
Update 8: Rebel Troops, Saboteurs
Update 9: Chewie, C3P0, Obi Wan
Update 10: Campaign 1 (session 2) pics

Update 11: Heavy Stormtroopers / R2-D2 / AT-ST
Update 12: Hiatus and return!
Update 13: Tusken Raiders, Boba Fett
Update 14: Kayn Somos, MHD-19

Update 15: Verena Talos
Update 16: Custom Mission / Scenery / Props - Operation: "Buy me time to paint RtH")

Update 17: Snowtroopers
Update 18: The Grand Inquisitor
Update 19: Saska Teft
Update 20: Echo Base Troopers
Update 21: Wampas

Update 22: BT-1 and 0-0-0
Update 23: Princess Leia
Update 24: Repulsor Tank
Update 25: Aliens Vs Imperial Assault (Custom Horde Mode IA variant)
Update 26: Chopper
Update 27: The Emperor

Update 28: General Sorin / Grand Admiral Thrawn
Update 29: Riot Troopers
Update 30: Image Re-shoot (Emperor, Thrawn and HKs)

Update 31: Sentry Droids
Update 32: Bossk
Update 33: Jarrod Kelvin
Update 34: Ahsoka Tano
Update 35: Drokkatta
Update 36: Ko-Tun Feralo
Update 37: Clawdite Shapeshifters
Update 38: Maul
Update 39: Hera Syndulla

Update 40: AT-DP
Update 41: Vinto Hreeda
Update 42: Jet Troopers
Update 43: J4X-7
Update 44: Shyla Varad
Update 45: Onar Koma
Update 46: Gamorrean Guards / Weequay Pirates
Update 47: Deathtroopers

Update 48: Captain Terro

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Started here (or course), Marked as such: Standard, black shoulder pads for second squad, and red shoulders for Elite). Used Humbrol White acrylic to reapply the white (after washing) on these, which I now regret (its awful, never again! Go Citadel, I went cheap at first, but Citadel really are lovely paints to use).
They came out ok, but ****, factory lining the last 6 of these was a mission and a half!


Imperial Officers:
(Decided to make the Elite a Chiss - wasn't great at highlighting yet)


Probe droids:
Quick, easy, didn't want to spend too long on these, was still getting my flow back at this point plus I wanted to get to the more interesting stuff


Royal Guards:
First time I've ever properly blend highlighted something (I never really pushed it back when I used to paint before, (just green and washed 40k Dark Angels haha). Again, Sorastros guide really helped me wrap my head around how to do it!). Forgot to shoot the back of them! The contrast in this pic kind of nulls the mid-range highlights, but they came out pretty well :) I intend to gloss varnish the helmets after a decent matt basing.


Trandoshan Hunters:
These guys were fun, decided to make the standards orange (I like orange, and SO satisfying to paint over white primer! ha).


I'm not a fan of the proper, canon colour of Nexu's I wanted them to look meaner than that (think the beast dog aliens from the film Attack The Block). So i went with a dark, heavily black washed grey. Still need to repaint the bases black on these, I forgot before taking the photos.


Had flashback to the stormtrooper factory line doing these, but again, think they came out ok (I had upgraded to Celestra White by this point). And again, a nice splash of orange for the elite.


Darth Vader:
Just finished this guy yesterday. I had finished all the heroes by this point, as I wanted my skill to be on point by the time I got to the saber wielders (Diala was just before Darth). I practiced the saber cape highlight on a cheap spare clone trooper mini I had lying around, but yes, quite chuffed with Mr Sith. Again, I intend to matt varnish and then gloss helmet and shoulder guard on this guy. Base from WWS scenery (via amazon).



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Cheers man, I appreciate that, great to finally get some pics up.

Really enjoyed painting this lot, can't wait to get it on the table (our group has waaaaay too much gaming/games on the schedule this year :)

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they look great, i love the backdrop.  Photoshop? or a set piece?

Thanks! For the backdrop, I just googled for death star / star destroyer interior, found a decent enough image that would work, then printed it out on A3 paper at work.

I tacked it to a table top and wall to make a gentle coving (like the curve of half pipe for example). I just had to alter the bottom of image a bit to make sure there was enough black area for the miniatures to stand on.

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Phew! Just spent this evening biting the bullet and cracking on with the Hero re-basing, quite tense clipping these guys out (and trying not to damage any paint or chopping off feet). But definitely worth it. Thought I'd throw up a quick iphone snap before I hit the sack...



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A boat load of minis arrived this week :) 2 squads of Rangers, Royal Champ, Luke (Jedi), Han and Chewie.

Thought I'd tackle a Ranger squad first, thought they looked pretty decent after the ink wash (grimy, sniper look) so decided not to highlight. Next squad will be the elites, not decided on scheme yet, maybe Sand/Black.





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Managed to grab some pics of the finished heroes (listed in order of completion). Looking to varnish everything next weekend (just waiting for some slightly warmer weather and a decent area to do it). Didn't really go too mad on the highlighting, but overall quite happy with the results.


First hero to be done after finishing the Imperial, Didn't go too overboard with highlighting. He also ended up with zombie eyes, (at this point I decided to not do eyes, as I felt this can either look awesome or awful - I had way too many crosseyed experiments back in my 40k painting days ha!).


Pretty fun and easy one to do. Mostly a darker brown base, with two layers of lightening dry brush then a wash.


Again, very satisfying to paint orange :) Decided to add grey accents to the jacket rather than brown, as its a favourite colour scheme of mine.


Pretty straightforward, used a Revell acrylic green which left a slightly glossy tone, hope this will calm down after varnishing.


This mini looked the most bad@$$ from the core set, so wanted to take my time. Pretty happy how it came out, ended up just highlighting the scarf as the rest of the body looked more or less where I wanted it to be. Went back and freehanded the rebel symbol, I slightly put the first black mark on this a off-centre, so it's a little off, but think it came out ok.


So I left Diala and Darth till last, as mentioned I wanted my skill to be back on paint before highlighting and blending the saber glows. Wasn't completely happy with the highlighting on her face, but it's fine for the standard I"m aiming for :) Dreaded doing the cape glow, but I actually ended up really enjoying taking my time with it and achieving a decent effect, plus it really prepped me for Darth's red cape glow.


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13 hours ago, nerdpaints said:

Looks awesome!  I love your take on the Nexus and also your job on Vader's lightsaber!  Great work!

Cheers buddy, yeah, not a fan of the Tan fur colour, thought they'd look a lot meaner in black and thanks, I'm still pretty chuffed how Vader turned out.

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Busy week with work and prepping these guys for my regionals list. (the missus bought me obi wan as a v-day present, shes a keeper, so I decided to throw him in and get him painted.

Completed the Sabs, Obi and C3P0 this week. Gave 3P0 a alternate universe Battle refit. (Never a fan of gold) So Leadbelcher and a few blast marks.

Will add some more highlight to Obi at some point, but good enough to go for now, just thought I'd share



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A long mad day playing my first Imperial Assault Regional. My 2nd - 5th games of skirmish were played this day haha. Got a stomping, but great to meet some players and play star wars all day with my fellow nerds ;)

No wins (like I said... a stomping) but, did take Best Painted which was awesome :D Glad I decided to jump in the deep end again and get involved.  My hard earned newb loots...


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Managed to get some shots of my latest paints, loads more coming, (picked up Boba fett, Kayn, Inquisitor and Twin `Shadows). Aiming to get AT-ST sorted as my group has finally began our first campaign. Biv is up next - due to him being chosen as a campaign hero.


Rebel Troops:
(Not a fan of the white helmets, wanted to try something darker. These were done quite quickly but came out ok)


(May go back and add rebel symbols at some point)


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