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Team Tournament, February 26 - Champaign, IL

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Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1819991388242203/


One of the best ways to improve your skills as an admiral is to coordinate your tactics with another player. Sign-ups for the tournament will begin at 11am and the tournament itself will begin at 12pm.

Cost: $10 per player

Teams consist of two players, and I would like to limit each team to one person with extensive tournament experience. Ideally, new players are matched up with more experienced players. I recommend finding a partner prior to the day of the tournament so you can coordinate your fleet. I'll do my best to pair people up on the day of the tournament if they do not yet have a teammate.

Fleet construction
Each player on a team constructs a 300-point fleet with no more than 100 points of squadrons. Each player assigns their own Admiral within their 300-point fleet. Each team's fleet can represent only a single faction. The team must agree on one each of red, yellow, and blue objectives to include in their 600-point combined fleet.

Who is "friendly"?
The 300-point fleets on each team do not consider each other to be the same fleet or friendly for the purpose of card abilities. They are also not enemies. These rules avoid any crazy card interactions that could get out of control, primarily amongst Admirals.

Deployment and activations
Teams are treated as one player. A team that is Player One deploys one of their ships in their 600-point fleet, and then the other team does the same. The same is done for activations. If all of a player's ships are destroyed, they can continue to activate any remaining squadrons during the Squadron phase until his teammate's ships are also destroyed, ending the game at the end of the round.

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We have 6 teams definitely signed up, and a couple more likely to show on the day. We'll be playing 2 rounds of a little less than 3 hours if there are an even number of team, 3 rounds of normal tournament length if there are an odd number of teams.

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