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J Viz

Alternate Han and Jake list

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So I'm continuing to struggle to find a rebel list that works for me in the current meta. I had decent success with a Poe, Corran and Airen list but I think R5-P9 Poe may be dead in the water with Hot Shot co-pilot (HSCP) out there (as well as other token stealing shenanigans).


I tried a GSP Juke/Snap Shot list but it still really lacks the punch to do any real damage and the lack of focus and evade means they go down far too quick and lack any attacking modification.


I've run Jake and Han before and it's quite a fun list. Looking at running:


Jake with






(33 points)


Han with




Evade Title

Engine Upgrade

(65 points)


Usual build but HSCP replaces C3-P0, sacrificing durability for potential extra damage. Predator means if roll only 1 hit initially can reroll for 0 hits and force opponent to spend the focus and then Luke can kick in.


So I guess in short the question is whether in the current meta this would be better than C3P0.


The other option is replace Predator with Expertise and drop Luke down to Gunner (both would work just as well with C3PO or HSCP).


Any input greatly appreciated

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Like you said this list is pretty much the good old Han + Jake with c-3po switched out for a more offensive ability.


I play han with expertise + gunner over predator + luke, but im not sure that it would be better in your list because you want the first shot to miss to get the most out of HSCP whereas in my list (with c-3po) I just want to pump out maximum hits generally. Predator gives you that ability to potentially make your roll worse, whereas expertise generally makes it better so I would stick with that.


Generally HSCP is a powerful ability - but there are probably times where it won't come in that useful at all (similar to gunner). I've come down on the side of the fence of c-3po because of it being useful in pretty much all circumstances, but there will be times HSCP is extemely useful. (I won't say if its better of worse, just more specialised and you need to be prepared that you will occasionally run into lists whhere it is 4 points more or less wasted).


I listened to an interview with the guy who took Jake Han to 4th at world's and was quite cautionary someone picking up the list and just playing with it, saying that it was basically his depth of experience with it that got him as far as he did and that the list itself isn't a particularly strong meta choice.

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Yeah it's not the easiest list. It's one that I've been running on and off for about a year now but keep getting drawn back to it, and I'm no way anywhere near Jack's class with it but at the moment I'm not able to play that much so happy to have a list that I can hopefully win more with that I lose (which is about where I am with it)

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Thats's probably a good attitude to have with it, at least it is more viable in a post U-boat alpha strike world.


I'd say go for the HSCP. Jake's fairly limited when it comes to pushing out damage so it's probably better to build Han on the offensive side rather than having him more tanky.

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