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How would you describe what each skill card deck is meant for?

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The other day I was running the game for some new players who had a character that could choose between two skill decks asked what deck he should focus on for what he should be trying to accomplish


I believe it was Leadership and Politics was what he could choose between. 


I honestly wasn't too sure on the difference between the two decks. 


Piloting and Engineering seemed pretty obvious too me what they're good, Tactics is kinda grey to me, but as far as what you hope to accomplish out of Leadership and Politics I'm just not sure.


So I am curious how would you describe the main purpose of each skill deck? I'd say Piloting for doing cool stuff while in a Viper, Engineering for repairing damage, Tactics maybe for improving die rolls, Leadership (?), Politics (?), and Treachery for messing with Humans when you're a Cylon Leader. 

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