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John Constantine

The Dead Won't Stay Down

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The art is so insanly good I don't find words.


Halfway through the Carn-Dum section I was ready to read: "And as Carn Dum was one of the most difficult quests, we decided to go ham and make it your go to quest for self-punishment, because playing Dol Guldur NM again gets boring after a while"^^


The idea for Rhudauer looks great, not changing that much about phase one, but motivating you to clear the quests. I hope they hit the right balance, as I think it would be bad to make it impossible to win by turteling for phase two, but if it is still easier NM won't change the quest much.


Don't know what to think about Carn Dum as they don't really say much about gameplay changing, but improving the theme further can't be bad. 


Dead Realm is the one pack I am the most interested in. While reanimating can be annoy (more because you loose your cards than because the enemies are that bad), going all out will improve the theme, as at least in my play throughs you didn't feel like imvading a necromancer's fortress, but walking through a ghost train (not because the quest is easy, but because msot enemies still came out of the ED and weren't reanimated zombies). The Witch-King's Gift allread has a place in my heart. I will curse the game and designers if I ever loose to it, but it is an epic way to loose, being blown away by the power of the witch-king himself, rasing like 10 or 20 enemies per player, that will most likely completly overun all your defenses. Or even more epic: You play hour of wrath in a four player game on your sentinel, ranged and burning-branded fighting machine and take them all out ;) 

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