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Conjurer Vortex Question

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The card reads the following:




Exhaust this card and choose an image token on the map. Move each monster within 3 spaces of that image token up to 2 spaces. Each monster must end his movement within 3 spaces of the image token. Each of those monsters suffers 2 [hearts]


Alric Farrow's card reads:



Unmovable: This monster may choose to ignore any game effect that would force it to move.


I've read two interpretations of this rule:

1. Unmovable allows Farrow to ignore the damage, as the damage is a part of the game effect that caused by the movement.

2. Unmovable prevents the movement, but does not prevent the damage, since the damage and movement are two different game effects for the same card.


Personally, I lean more towards the second, since a single card can technically have more than one game effect. Unmovable prevents movement, but the card does not say that damage is dependent on movement... a player can optionally choose to ignore the movement effect, and still have the monster suffer the damage, regardless of Unmovable (an example of them being two different effects).


Does anyone want to weigh in on this, or suggest a means of resolving the issue?



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I leaning towards 1)  thinking that in this case both effects are linked and cannot be applied independent from each other. "Each of those monsters" specifies only monsters that have been moved and damage is dealt only to those. If the effect were independent, the last sentence should read "Each monster within 3 spaces suffers 2 hearts".

However, I agree that this interpretation is arguable.

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hmm rulewise i would lean towards Sadgits explanation, as well as logically. But both are arguable

My thoughts are :

The card has 4 sentences ->

1st: Chose an image

2nd: Move each Monster within 3 spaces of it [Farrow, Master Golem etc ignore this]

3rd: Each Monster must end its movement within 3 spaces [since you cant chose to move Farrow he may not be included in this one ...though you could still argue, that all monsters within 3 spaces of the image are meant, independent of being moved or not since it doesnt say  "each moved monster must end..." . So 3 possible groups of monsters may be included: (a) movable monsters, that were moved (b) movable monsters, that werent moved and © unmovable monsters ]

4th: each of those suffers the dmg [so now its important which groups in the 3rd sentence were included..either its just (a) or its all 3 of them]

as said...i lean towards no dmg for farrow rulewise

logically : Its a vortex...a lot of debris may fly around, that hurts all monsters within the vortex [all groups suffer dmg] . Still you could argue, that the dmg comes from the harsh landing on the ground, after being moved [only group (a) suffers dmg]. Logically the latter may make more sence, since heroes should be hit by the debris as well.

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