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Green Knight

Vassal World Cup 2017 battle results

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This thread is reserved for BATTLE RESULTS only!

All your other cleverness can go in the main thread:



Try to use more or less the same format when reporting. Will make Biggs' life much easier.

the Green Knight
Head Kickador for the Most Enlightened and Esteemed BiggsIRL





Dr. Alex
Green Knight
Lord Pryor
Caribbean Ninja
Warlord Zepnick
Fleet patrol:
Dupy - GMT -6
Tgall - GMT -6
BMcDonald7 - GMT -7
Vipcard3 - GMT +10 (assuming he adds a list)
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Reserved for listing all played matches (by POD).

Winners are always to the LEFT.

Pod 1:
Reath28 vs TheCactusman17: 9-2 (MoV 297)
JRock_NZ vs TheCactusman17: 9-2 (MoV 297)
MattShadowlord vs JRock_NZ: 10-1 (MoV 400)
Reath28 vs JRock_NZ: 10-1 (MoV 400)
Reath28 vs Matt-Shadowlord: 7-4 (MoV 111)
MattShadowlord vs TheCactusman 17: 8-3 (MoV 200)

Pod 2:
Ginkapo vs Dr Alex: 8-3 (MoV 194)
Aresius vs Dr Alex: 9-2 (MoV 285)
Ginkapo vs Aresius: 8-3 (MoV 147)
Ginkapo vs NebulonB: 6-5 (MoV 2)
Aresius vs NebulonB: 6-5 (MoV 13)


Pod 3:
Green Knight vs. Lord Preyer: 10-1 (MoV 388)
Lord Preyer vs Green Squadron 3: 6-5 (MoV 52)
Green Knight vs Green Squadron 3: 7-4 (MoV 114)
Green Knight vs miedomeda: 10-1 (MoV 309)
Miedomeda vs Lord Preyer: 9 -2 (MoV 248)
Miedomeda vs Green Squadron 3 : 9-2 (Mov 266)

Pod 4:
Maturin vs Emfrank72: 10-1 (MoV 389)
SkyCake vs Maturin: 8-3 (MoV 217)
SkyCake vs Emfrank: 9-2 (MoV 223)
SkyCake vs BrobaFett: 6-5 (MoV 7)
Emfrank vs Brobafett: 6-5 (MoV 29)
Maturin vs Brobafett: 6-5 (MoV 50)

Pod 5:
JJ's Juggernaut vs mhd: 6-5 (MoV 35)
JJ's Juggernaut vs itzSteve: 9-2 (MoV 281)
JJ's Juggernaut vs HERO: 7-4 (MoV 130)
mhd vs HERO: 8-0 (MoV 140)
itzSteve vs HERO: 8-0 (MoV 140)
mhd vs itzsteve: 6-5 (MoV 24)

Pod 6:
CaribbeanNinja vs Moodswing: 8-3 (MoV 186)
CaribbeanNinja vs Comatose: 9-2 (MoV 231)
Comatose vs moodswing: 10-1 (MoV 359)
Ardaedhel vs Comatose: 8-3 (MoV 216)
CaribbeanNinja vs Ardaedhel: 7-4 (MoV 83)


Pod 7:
Truthiness vs PartyPotato: 7-4 (MoV 77)
Zanos vs Truthiness: 8-3 (MoV 148) 
PartyPotato vs DabDarklighter: 7-4 (MoV 70)
Truthiness vs DabDarklighter: 10-1 (MoV 384)
Zanos vs DabDarklighter: 6-5 (MoV 33)
Zanos vs PartyPotato: 6-5 (MoV 27 Mov)

Pod 8:
PT106 vs Roquax: 6-5 (MoV 27)
Warlord Zepnick vs Thanosazlin: 7-4 (MoV 71)
Roquax vs Warlord Zepnick: 10-1 (MoV 400)
PT106 vs Warlord Zepnick: 7- 4 (MoV 67)
Roquax vs Thanosazlin: 10-1 (MoV 302)
PT106 vs Thanosazlin: 9-1 (MoV 276)

Fleet patrol:
BMcDonald7 vs Dupy: 9-2 (MoV 235)
tgall vs BMcDonald7: 6-5 (MoV 24)


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Green Knight vs. Lord Preyer (Pod 3):


10-1 (MoV 388) to GK.




My Vader ISD-GSD-Raider-Goz-Screen vs his Motti ISD-Arq-Goz-Defender Swarm


Lord Preyer was 1st player and picked my Contested Outpost.


We set up fairly traditionally across from one another, then I started farming for tokens and he moved to engage. Ciena Ree held off his Defenders for far longer than she had any right to, saving Demolisher from a possibly devastating bombing run. Which in turn allowed me to complete my pincer movement.


Despite the score it was actually quite tense util the very end of round 3, when my Demolisher finished off the Motti ISD. Had it lived with just 1 hull point there would have been a huge points swing, as it would have taken my Vader ISD down with it. 


So again Armada turns out to be a game where nothing is decided until the last die has been rolled.


Lord Preyer was a skilled, and unfailingly polite and good-humored opponent. Hope to meet him again.

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Reath28 vs TheCactusman 17 (Pod 1):


9-2 (MOV 297) to Reath28.







Cactusman had the initiative and decided to go second. I had three very unpleasant objectives to choose from with his four lamdas able to move around the tokens. I decided to play Planetary Ion Cannons.


All tokens were placed in the middle with the station. I deployed my ISD2 and gozanti across the board from his ISD1 with my Raider deployed on the opposite side facing off against his lamdas, gozanti and two artiquens sitting in the centre.


I was able to tie down his lamdas on the second turn which prevented my ships from taking extreme damage. This allowed the bombers to slowly whittle down Cactusmans ISD1.


The game ended at the end of turn 6 with a gozanti and half health artiquens remaining for Cactusman.


Cactusman was a really good opponent and fantastic sport at all times. I wish him the best of luck for the rest of his games.

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JRock_NZ vs TheCactusman 17 (Pod 1):

9-2 (MOV 297) to JRock_NZ






Cactusman had initiative and decided to go first.  With all of his Lamdas my mine fields objective was a perfect objective for him.


I deployed mines in an attempt to make a portion of the board unusable but in the end this worked totally to Cactusmans advantage and those mines were going to be come a pain for me.


Cactus split his forces with the Gozanti out to the left protected by the mines, Lamda's nearby.  Central right was Devastator backed up by two Arquitens.  I deployed to ignore his Gozanti and focus on the larger ships.  From my Left, ISD1, Interdictor, Gozanti, and Decimators out front.


My forces made a slow movement forward while Devastator screamed at full speed.  Arquitens began flanking and the Gozanti kept in the corner.  It was now I began to seen how good minefields was going to be for Cactusman as the Lamda's began to send mines straight back at me!


Turn two ended with Devastator pegged at point blank range against the Interdictor and my ISD.  With Cactusman having the initiative next turn I thought it was going to be all over! Turn 3 started and Cactusman had a couple of unlucky roles and the interdictor and ISD were able to hang on and return fire to finish Devastator. 


The game really turned at this point and i was able to repair up my ISD and Interdictor to then plow though my own mines.  Decimators were then able to clear out the Lamdas before turning around and finishing off one Arquitens on the last turn.  Cactusmans Gozanti was able to work its way up the far side and evade any engagement.


At one point the Interdictor was about 75% hull damaged and the ISD and Gozanti 50% hull damaged.  However Motti and a lot of repair commands had them back up to almost full by the end of the game.


Cactusman was great to play against and had great sportmanship. I really learned a lot from watching how well he was flying the Arquitens. I also must remember to use the LOS tool more :).  Best of luck against for your next game.

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Ginkapo vs Dr Alex,

Finished 266 to 72. MOV 8-3.

Ginkapo 2nd player with Blockade Run.

Deployment was simple, corvettes hugging the top heading left, interdictors heading right through the middle.

Turns 1 2 and 3 were non eventful, didnt want to get engage too quickly. Turn 4 saw the corvettes delay, and then swoop to surround the interdictor. Managed to get 5 corvettes into close range.

Turn 5 was a concentrate fire ram fest, reducing the interdictor to 1 hull. Reinforced blast doors flipped at the end of the turn to rub salt in the wound.

Turn 6 the crippled interdictor activated with a double arc to clean out one corvette, which somehow had full hull and no shields...... then the corvettes carried on the ramfest, this time turning on mottis interdictor. They also found time to take out the flotilla and obsruct the flotilla from landing a killing blow. Motti finished with 4 hull left.

Alex played well, not much he could do though.

Six ships made it past the blockade for 120 pts. 1 corvette lost.

I have a log file saved and will upload at some point.

Edited by Ginkapo

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Emfrank72 vs Maturin

10-1 (MoV 389) to Maturin







Emfrank72 chose to be first player, and selected Fire Lanes from my missions.  I clustered the objectives toward the right side of the board, with my ships in pseudo-conga line formation headed left.  Emfrank spread his victories out on the right half of the board, in line abreast fashion.  We started the game and I began farming the fire lane tokens while moving slowly (speeds 1 and 2) across the backfield.  Emfrank came charging up, though with a gentle turn to the left his line abreast became a bit of a line astern formation, allowing me to focus fire on the first VSD to reach me.  The gallant sacrifice of one YT1300 tied up his decimators enough to allow the B-wings (assisted by Yavaris) to finish off the first VSD.  


The second and third VSD's between them managed to get my Home One down to 3 hull points...but then the next turn came and RBD kicked in, giving Home one a little breathing room.  The second VSD fell to combined Home One and squadron firepower (finished off by a VCX).  I managed to get a few points from the fire lane objective.


Somewhere in that action my transport flotilla got lost in the middle of the VSD traffic jam, causing one Imperial bump, before succumbing to a double arc from a VSD1 at close range....in spectacular fashion.


Thanks to emfrank72 for being an awesome opponent, and for constantly reminding me about things i'd missed....like who my admiral was, fighters I'd forgotten to activate, and commands I'd dialed up but forgotten about.  A great guy all around!

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Green Squadron 3 versus Lord Preyer (Pod 3)

Lord Preyer 284 to Green Squadron 3's 232

I opted for first player and selected his Intel Sweep.

The game began with Gallant Haven sheltering Green'S frightening squadron swarm so I elected to try out IG, Maarek and Vader and Defenders on Operation Ship Hunt. As a result the game unfolded with us each bombing each other to death - Green killed my ISD whilst I took out his Transports and Pelta. Thankfully my ISD survived just long enough to send vital intelligence back to Imperial Center and earn Admiral Motti the 75 points he needed to swing the game in my favour.

Green has a good list, a good sense of humour and a great gaming temperament. Looking forward to a rematch after the World Cup.

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PT106 vs Roquax (Pod 8)
127-100 (6-5 MoV 27) to PT106.

Roquax chose first player and we played my Station Assault.
I deployed both stations at the left side of the board with asteroids as protection and both ISDs and squadrons nearby with Motti yacht being far away on the right. Roquax decided to send Demolisher afer the yacht, deploy his ISD in the middle
and use Arquittens to flank stations from the left and TRC them. That plan did work out with him destroying one station round 3 and Motti's Gozanti round 4, however he lost Arquitten and one of the Gozantis to squadron fire.
All 3 ISDs danced around threatening each other but not doing any real damage until round 5 when a good move by Roquax trapped one of my ISDs with his ISD and Demolisher unloading on it point blank range next round.
It was a close call however a bad roll from ISD front arc allowed it to survive with 4 hull remaining.

So in the end we were even on the objective with me losing Motti's Gozanti for 60 points and him losing Arquittens (63 pts) and Gozanti (25pts). It was a close game with the potential to end up very differently on that last roll.
Roquax was a very good opponent and I'll be delighted to play him again.


Logfile: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2B5AaZffP0yME9seW9jSnNfWnc

Edited by pt106

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Had a lot of fun playing with my world's roommate Maturin!!!  8-3 mov 217 for SkyCake... this means that i am undefeated 2-0 in fights for the king sized bed, and shall i visit him this winter it'll be nice to know the 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets will be awaiting me at his homestead!


GG, tourneys are fun, thanks Biggs!



Here's the logfile for the game:



And for full info, SkyCake took 1st player and chose my Close Range Intel Scan as the objective.  Well played sir!  (Though I think FFG should issue a Fight for the Bed objective....perhaps in a future expansion).  Biggs - thanks from me too!  Having a blast with this :)

Edited by Maturin

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Green Knight vs Green Squadron 3: 7-4 (MoV 114)


My Vader ISD-Demo-Raider-Goz-Screen vs his Garm AF-Pelta-2xGR-Rebel bombers


I was 1st player and picked his Most Wanted.


Since he only had 2 ships that could shoot, MW seemed an OK choice for me. Didn't expect to gain any advantage from it, but didn't expect any disadvantage either (I think he ended up getting 1 extra red dice on my flagship). GS3 set his QS flagship in the far corner from my defensive setup, and then we crawled towards each other. First my Raider died, then my Demo, but by then he had an all-red token AF at medium range of Vader's ISD and that was that. Vader then finished off the Pelta and Bright Hope, while his surviving squads fled. Cowardly rebels!


Always hard playing vs. lots of bombers when I have so few squads. Hard to defend against, hard to table since they can always run with their squads and a flotilla...I really should stop making these masochistic minimum-squad builds :D


Vader rocked btw!


Thanks to GS3 for being such a good player and a good sport too!

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SkyCake vs. EmFrank 9-2 (mov 223)


great game vs frank, all that hull had me worried but the sprays continue to spit hot fire!  GG's


i chose 1st and took targeting beacons...

Edited by SkyCake

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CaribbeanNinja vs. Moodswing5537 (Bourbon Bowl XXVII)


CNinja 341 - Mood 155 (8-3 186 MOV)


I chose 1st player and Intel Sweep.  Mood was able to get more tokens and bag the 75 points.  Unfortunately for him my squads did a great job on his and my ISD 2 pounded his ISD1 to death.  Demo did an amazing job swinging around and taking care of both Arquitens.  I will say that his slaved turret Vader Arqs are nasty!


I lost two Gozantis, Soontir, and an Advanced.  Mood lost everything but Vader's posh Gozanti.


A fascinating game that hinged a lot on the ISDs (ya!)  I wish all the best to Mood in crushing the rebel scum we have left to face.



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JJ's Juggernaut vs mhd (1st player)

Objective: Sensor Net

Score: 313-278 (MoV 35) win for JJ's Juggernaut


     A really fun game with mhd! A very gracious opponent who put up with my numerous mistakes. The game was very high scoring for a battle where we never really committed to a full fight. Mhd's Demo made a run on my demo right after his squadrons nuked my raider. Minimal damage and then insane rolls from my Demo brought his to 1 hull, who Jonus finished off. Our squadrons clashed and heavy casualties for both resulted with my Demo and ISD adding some AA in the mix as well as a volley from mhd's Demo on its way through. In the end first player pulled through and I lost all but Jonus and my Lambda. In return however, I killed Darth Vader, a TIE bomber, Tempest Squadron, and Jendon. Marek survived with 1 hull and the other bombers were low as well.


My demolisher was finished off by squadrons and put the pressure on me to score some points. I was leading on the sensor net thanks to my lambda, but not by much. I turned my ISD hard toward the table edge at speed 3, cutting off a flotilla from escape. However, without a nav command I was unsure if I could make the turn to stay on the table. I killed the flotilla, and Moff JerJer let me pull off the speed 3 inside turn to stay on the board.


I had 9 sensor net tokens to my opponent's 6, which swung the game in my favor. A well played match, thanks again!


Logfile: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4vn6yk917fu1qh/Vassal%20World%20Cup%202%20JJs%20vs%20mhd.vlog?dl=0

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Truthiness defeats PartyPotato 351-274, for a 7-4 and a 77 MOV. PartyPotato took second player, with me choosing his Station Assault. Vader was very very angry for most of the game, eating the Interdictor for breakfast and crippling the VSD. However, a sniper Gozanti got in a Structural Damage, tipping the balance just enough for Morna Kee to finish off the ISD. The VSD went down in flames shortly thereafter, leaving PartyPotato's Gozanti as his only remaining capital ship. Log file to follow.

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POD 1 Result:


Rebel victory over Imperial Oppressors!


My Ackbar-powered fleet fought JaredNZ's Motti ISD/Interdictor/Gozanti fleet in the Fighter Ambush mission. I chose this one because my Z95/YT2400/Xwing squadrons were numerically superior to Jared's 4 Decimators. The Decimators are EXTREMELY good, but with no non-heavy squadrons I was able to do a merry little dance where undamaged squads kept them pinned from moving while damage squadrons shot and then retreated to the station to heal.


The Decimators dropped a ton of bricks on one YT2400, but then all got whittled down to nothing. The Z95s deserve special mention, they really performed above their points cost.


The Capital ship engagement was an unusual one, with jared dropping most of his fleet to 0 to allow the ISD to zoom into battle while my fleet attempted to rocket across the board and get behind them - here's a screenshot of the beginning of turn 5, and that's the enemy board edge those insane frigates are cramming themselves down  :D




A risky plan, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.


When the dust had settled, all imperial ships and fighters had been destroyed for the loss of one Y2400.


Final score:

445 -vs- 16


Thanks for a good game and for being such a good sport Jared! Play you any time.



Edited by BiggsIRL

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CaribbeanNinja vs. Comatose (Worlds 2016 "Fight for the Bed")


CNinja 231 - Comatose 0 (9-2 231 MOV)


Comatose won the toss and chose first.  He selected Solar Corona and set his jumping missiles up in the center clustered together.  I hugged the Corona on the right.  I knew my only chance against his fleet was to slowly roll and force his nimble beasts into the corner.  He flew them really well and I just rolled at speed 1.


I got really lucky with the important rolls.  When the last MC30 finally got into the ISDs front arc I got really lucky with my roll and brought it down to 1 hull, killing it with the ram. When Bright Hope was retreating I got the accuracy and two double hits to the rear to kill it.  And when my Gozanti took a broadside MC30 shot it only suffered 3 damage, allowing it to limp away.


Comatose was my Worlds Team Tournament partner and roommate so we always have fun.  Even though this score is lopsided the game was certainly not!  I wish him well in his other two games.  (Even if he is rebel scum :) )




This screeshot midgame shows the craziest double arc I've ever seen.  What arcs do you think each ship has?




Edited by CaribbeanNinja

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