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Now that SWX58 is revealed...let's guess the NEXT wave!

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Please old EU ships only!


Gunboat or ... eeh ... TIE AGGRESSOR (Tie with a turret slot, yay!)


Scum scum and Rebel Scum: Hope for any old EU ships as well.

Sorry but I cant see much old EU stuff being dug up especially when there are so many books and comics in the new EU

Unless they will about to pull something out of the old eu like they did with Thrawn 

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Please old EU ships only!


Gunboat or ... eeh ... TIE AGGRESSOR (Tie with a turret slot, yay!)


Scum scum and Rebel Scum: Hope for any old EU ships as well.

Small base Imp with PWT I can just maybe see happening.  Imperial turret slot less so.  The minute Imps can get TLT they can get a 2 damage TLT for 4 points more via Ruthlessness and that's broken.


(You could do it without any EPT pilots I suppose but that's just dull, and they've got a film to mine)

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I was just thinking about some thing ....

  • that boy is our last hope
  • no there is another


I (and guess every one else) assumed Yoda was talking about Liea, but we now know the Yoda and Ezra  had contact so that changes my whole take on that part of the movie

oooooops wrong thread  admins feel free to delete

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The Nightbrother surely, surely has to be too big. It's bigger than the Ghost, and I suspect the Ghost only got in because it's the hero ship of a major source of new canon material. If FFG feel they absolutely must bring in the Nightbrother, hopefully they'll make it Epic (only once Scum have the Action VI Wild Karrde, of course).

Anyway, as for what I expect to see in 11:

Imperials: Has to be either Krennic's shuttle, or the cargo shuttle, doesn't it? I'm going to assume the cargo shuttle, since that's at least a little different to Kylo's shuttle, and I doubt releasing two such similar ships back to back for the same faction would be FFG's preferred option. The cargo shuttle might let them bring the cargo upgrade to the 100pt game, which might be cool.

Scum: Mining Guild TIE. Has shown up twice in Rebels, and if Sabine's TIE makes it in, this bloody thing probably will too. Not sure how they're planning to differentiate it from the scyk, but between the Scyk upgrades in the C-ROC and the designers proven ingenuity, I'm sure they'll find a way.

There's a slight possibility of a four ship wave to keep Scum ship numbers in line with the other factions. If so, the Scurrg seems the most likely, just because FFG have a lot of the art for it, and scum lack a dedicated bomber. Without Sabine, that's less of an issue for them, but even so, FFG will want to fill that niche.

Rebels: This is the tricky one; there really aren't any good, new canon options. I'm worried we might get the resistance transport foisted on us. Might make for some fun "Rebel Party Bus" potential if we get three crew slots, and it'd be a way to get a General Leia crew card in, but I don't know whether that would have been a priority before Carrie Fisher's death.

What I'd Like to see:

Imperial: TIE Scout. Proper imperial support ship, even though it won't get played because whatever it does won't be as good as Palpatine.

Scum: So many choices. Cloakshape, Preybird or Skipray. Any of those would make me incredibly happy.

Rebels: R-41 Starchaser. It's a weird choice, but a light, cheap rebel cannon carrier has some potential niches. Add a little buff to ion and/or flechette cannons to encourage its use as anything other than a HLC carrier, and you're looking at a whole potential new type of rebel control element, or even just cheap control filler.

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I really hope the Imps don't get yet another shuttle of some kind. Tie droid maybe? Another cheap filler (cheaper than academy) and with no focus. Maybe Target Lock and Barrel Roll only? Only low PS unless you have some sort of upgrade on another ship - 'droid controller' or something that gives them a PS boost or allows focus.

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I don't get why people want stuff from the EU. 90% of the ships designs looks like garbage or stuff put together to make it look "star warsy". Yes that includes the assault gunboat.

I think that most new canon ships look way better than anything the EU tried. I can understand the appeal, but their designs looks really dated most of the time, while the good old X-Wing and TIE fighters didn't age at all.


So this is what I want to see for the next waves :



- Imperial Cargo Shuttle. 

First big ship to use energy and cargos, so it's not another shuttle. Could have some fun big ship only cargos to go with it.


- TIE Striker transport

Agile and quick crew transport


- Delta Class Shuttle

A shuttle based around tech : Either a Tech+system slot, or 2 systems. Make it feel technological and engineer-y. Maybe it can give easy target locks to your team, or repair their shields?



- Rebel Veterans Pack

Blue Squadron X-Wing and Y-Wing. Add in some shuttle stealing pilots, most wanted style. K-2SO and bodhi for the Cargo Shuttle, with cargo cards that change the slot into a Team, opening new way to play the shuttle.

Add in Han and Chewie piloting the Tyridium Lambda Shuttle so we can play endor missions.


-Phoenix Squadron Pack

Phantom II and Green A-Wing.

Including new pilots for the YT-2400 and cards to throw cargos at enemies, Trainer A-Wings, prototype B-Wings with composite beam laser cannons.


- Resistance Transport

Give some old crews like Leia new abilities


Scum :

-Partisan X-Wing

Use salvaged astromechs, with a title allowing them to be taken in rebel lists


-Mining Guild TIE

Illicit slot, no barrel rolls, little modifications here and there, but it can be fun to do a 3 way TIE brawl. Might not be the best inclusion meta wise, but it's fun so who cares!


-Gauntlet Fighter

Darth Maul Pilot, cool looking big ship


-Hondo's Sentinel Shuttle

Scum dedicated Shuttle. Introduce Hondo to the game. As an imperial ship it would just be another shuttle, so I think it'd fit more as a scum ship for it's first appearance in the game.



I'd also be open to the Scums getting CSI remnants and the star courrier because Maul,and droid ships could have some fun rules. The empire would get V-Wings and ETA-2. 

Rebellion would get the armored Y-Wings, delta 7, N1, and the Twilight

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1 hour ago, Foxtr0t said:

Scum : Volt Cobra? Or do we have to wait for «Han Solo - A Star Wars Story» maybe? :)

I second this idea. This is a way of giving scum yt without giving them millenium falcon and there would be this nice fancy model.

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I reckon this year will see three waves:

11. Heroes of the Rebellion:

Models: T-65 X wing (Blue Squadron) and Y wing (Gray Squadron)

Contains eight pilot cards, fourteen upgrade cards (which includes two titles) and all the assorted tokens and dials we come to store. 


12. Desperate Measures:

Models: T-65 X wing (Partisan/Onderon Rebels colours) + Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber

Contains eight pilots with a unique "half rebel, half Scum" motiff on the back split from corner to corner. These cards will be usable by the two highlighted factions i.e Rebel and Scum. 

Pilots would include Saw Gerrera, Pao and Moroff for example, as well as Nym. Two generics for each would also be included, PS 1 and 3 respectively. 

As always, an assortment of upgrade cards, a title for both, Havoc for the H-6 and two for the X wing. Note that X wing upgrade bar would include the Salvaged Astromech slot as opposed to the norm, however the Rebel Only title would allow you to equip either or whilst the Scum title would add an illicit slot. 

What would make this pack appealing is the inclusion of rebel / scum crew options, a modification card that allows you to ramp up the power of secondary weapons i.e When a {cannon} or {turret} instructs you to cancel die results prior to an effect, instead, apply all uncancelled hits and crits and then apply the effect as normal, limited at five points or less of course. You may not perform primary weapon attacks whilst you have a {cannon} or {turret} equipped. There will be a new discard bomb which when coupled with the Havoc title (when you are instructed to discard a {bomb} upgrade card, you may instead roll an attack dice, on a {focus} result, discard that card as normal.) gives the ship a unique style of play. 

Of course, more astro and aggromech options. 


13: New Movie Tie-in (Not going to include the name incase people don't know it and wish for it to stay that way. 

Will be a three ship wave, using two ships from the new film and a third ship from Star Wars Rebels. 

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