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Whisper <3 Carnor

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Carnor Jax (26)

Push the Limit (3)

Autothrusters (2)

Hull Upgrade (3)

Royal Guard TIE (0)

"Whisper" (32)

Veteran Instincts (1)

Fire-Control System (2)

Agent Kallus (2)

Advanced Cloaking Device (4)

"Omega Leader" (21)

Push the Limit (3)

Primed Thrusters (1)

Total: 100

Been flying the squad above, it's all fun and Carnor and Whisper working together can do really nasty things.

OL is in there for 3 reasons:

- Against low agi (gloomshutle, Ghost...) his damage output is good

- It can tank like a boss against hard hitters (HM Miranda, Party bus...)

- People repeat the mantra 'OL is an end game monster' and draw fire away from the real aces (distraction)

With that in mind, can you suggest an alternative to OL? I'd go with VI Sabbac but sadly until late jannuary won't be at the shelves in Spain so not legal for regionals.

Ideas that don't warm my heart currently considering:

- Stress/Support bomber (4 points for init)

- Lt. Colzet + Accuracy corrector (flip cards Whisper delivered)

- Deathfire Cluster Bombs + EM to limit available paths for Dengar

- Z Leader + Outmaneuver + Primed T


Edit: added Z Leader

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I thought in bringing TIE Strikers to the Spanish Regionals (really they can't prevent you to use them since the wave is officially released, and ships are already for sale even in the EU, i got two from England one or two weeks ago).


Overall, they're quite good...not at the level of Soontir and chaps but they're very efficient, action economy on them is great, and they can outmaneouver aces easily. Only concern about them, you'll need to adapt to the Ailerons, it's like flying Sabine in the Attack Shuttle, but with better dial.


I found an added handicap, find good wingmen for them, Whisper with Lightweight Frame would be the best choice, but not sure...maybe a Punisher, two naked Sigmas, higher named TIE/SF or a pair of TIE F/o to use Swarm Leader instead VI.

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