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Banther Expansion

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Just reading through the side mission for the Bantha and I a little confused as to how the snipers work.

As I read it I gain a sniper at the end of each round to a total of 4 but they are not represented by tokens on the map only in my play area and again as I read it the rebels cannot damage them.

Also where does the imperial officer go (the one with the data) when triggered ,again it says red point but what are the two tokens being shown adjacent on the map ? They look like character silhouettes again I'm confused.

Sorry I don't get to play this much so I'm probably missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance.

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The claimed snipers come to play starting from the end of round 3 (see the Snipers event).


The mission rules say "any red point" and "either red point", so your choice.


The two figures on the map are the initial elite Tusken Raider group.

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