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Consular Sourcebook Confirmed?!?!?!?!?!?

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If you're rolling 3 yellows, you have around a 25% chance of a Triumph on any given roll.

Assuming an Intelligence of 4 and a Lore skill of 3, you're rolling 3y1g.  If you're making a hard (3p) check with a couple setback, you have roughly a 60% chance of success, or a 40% chance of failure.  Then, 25% of that 40% is 10%.  So, one in every 10 rolls (that actually challenge you and aren't just an 80%+ chance of success) should give you some use out of this talent.  If your GM is giving your character good work to do, you'll be making at least two hard Lore rolls or so a session, so that's a 20% chance of using it.  And of course the odds go up drastically when you roll more yellow dice.

Again though, if your GM isn't giving you those challenging checks regularly, then you won't get much use out of the talent.

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Speaking for myself (with a character that has 5 int, 3 lore, and is in both Sage and Scholar), I currently only have one rank in it, but I'm looking forward to getting more ranks.  The easy research I do I blow through without even thinking about it, but there's been a fair amount of really difficult research (I've had many impossible checks, and I've even succeeded at most of them) that it would be really nice to have more of that talent as a safety net, or even as a method of getting more details into the answer when I'm not looking for tricky stuff.

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