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Dracula Combat card claws question

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Hey guys,

Was playing last night and we went into combat at dusk. I revealed claws and it wasn't canceled by the hunter. As the card says "Then, if is night, choose any hunter in this combat to suffer 2 damage".

My question is, does this apply at dusk? My wife was debating that it wasn't "night" but " dusk". The Combat example on page 13 has claws giving 4 damage. When do you fight at Night? i presume this dosent work at "Dawn" becasue it classified as "day".



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In the Rules Reference Guide page 4,




» If combat is at dusk or night, Dracula resolves the “at night” effects of his combat cards.


When fighting Dracula it can only be at Dusk or at Dawn. For the combat, Dusk is considered Night and Dawn is considered Day. So in your example, the +2 damage would have worked. Your wife was wrong.

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