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avalon rises

Break the Game PbP OOC

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So, here we are. Post the link to your sheet below please. 


FYI, your "positions" are wherever you want. If anyone wants to try and see if any of the shuttles are different it will be a Hard(DDD) difficulty Perception or Vigilance check.

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IG-800 http://swsheets.com/c/cro5y9amh-ig-800

Destiny: 1eF 1 Dark Side


I'm not bothering to perceive anything the 800 models weren't good at it anyway.

Fine by me.


Destiny Pool: 1eF 1 Light Side


Which one is he on?: 2eP+1eA+3eD 1 failure, 3 advantage


Well, I don't know which one is his, but I'd think with three advantage I could help others by figuring out that two or three definitely aren't his. Yeah? Mechanically, it's upgrading the next check.

That's good.

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Hey, guys, sorry. I can't play. Some problems came up and I don't think I'll be ready when you start. :( really sorry. I'll watch the thread, though, to see how well you guys do. If I get done before avalon rises gets better, I'd still like to play if that's ok with y'all.  

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Ok so I've been talking with Avalon and he helped me come up with an intro for IG, and well we came up with slaughtering NPC's if rolled well of course

Melee Check for Dramatic Intro (It's Vibro-axing time!)5eP+1eA+2eD+2eD 0 successes, 4 advantage, 1 Triumph

Well with your approval Avalon can we make that Triumph a success?

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