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Is this enough to have fun with a group of 2 to 5 players?

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I'm new to the game and i'm looking at playing this with 2 to 4 friends. 1v1 and occasionally 2v2 or even ffa. I am wondering if the following ships would be enough for this (is it enough? Do i need more? or what would be deemed useless and would require maybe some other ship? Or what ship is a must have that i haven't included in my to buy list..) Thank you in advance


- TFA core set

- Original core set

- Heroes of the resistance 

- Rebel aces

- Imperial aces

- U wing

- Tie interceptor

- Regular Tie

- Tie advanced

- Slave I

- z 95 x 3

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Yes, this gives you plenty of stuff to play 100 vs 100 points for 2 players and 75*2 vs. 75*2 for 4 players. Playing with odd player counts can be difficult, because 2*75 is probably stronger than 3*50, but it is still worth a try.


150 points is a good level to still play on the standard play area.


I'd be very wary about purchasing a TIE Advanced. Out of the box only Vader is worth something and even that is not much. The Imperial Raider expansion comes with some upgrades that make it strong, but thats not really worth it unless you want to play epic games with huge ships at a later point. Think about an Inquisitors TIE expansion instead or maybe the TIE Striker.


The YT-1300 upsets the game balance a bit with its turret, avoid using it with the Gunner crew upgrade as that invalidates pretty much all Imperial ships you are buying except for the Firespray. The upgrade "Autothrusters" from the Star Viper expansion helps with that, but creates other problems on its own. For casual play with your friends you probably are better off avoiding powerbuilds on the turret ships so you don't have to worry about any of this.

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Looks like you have the classic Imps vs. Rebels. In my opinion the Firespray is a better Scum ship than Imperial, but it's a great place to start. Consider the Decimator as a big ship alternative to it.


Also, I love flying Vader but you'd likely have to proxy the TIE Advance title to give him more edge. Switch hm out for the TIE/fo or the TIE Adv. Prototype.


You're currently at 11 Imps vs. 10 Rebels, which is more in favor of the Rebels (Imps pop more easily). If you switch out a Z for a TAP (TIE Adv. Prototype) and the TIE Fighter expansion for a TIE/sf you'd have more survivable ships. However I'm slightly biased towards the First Order TIEs vs the classic TIEs.


These are plenty of ships to start with. I'd suggest having at least a pair of each small ship we both have mentioned. The only other ships you may want to consider are a pair of Y-wings, or an A-wing & B-wing so you can have two of each.


Good luck! Let us know what you've decided to do.

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I don't know why you guys are dissing the Tie Advanced. It sounds like he just wants to play some casual games with his friends. The Tie Advanced is perfectly fine for that. It doesn't matter if it is over costed for competitive play. Casual players will never notice. If you're going to discourage him from getting a Tie Advanced you might was well do the same for the original core set since the original trilogy X-wing is also inefficient compared to other ships in the game. But what fun is that if he can't play with two of the most famous ships from the Star Wars movies? 


My advice? If you're not playing competitive, just buy whatever ships look cool to you and have fun. Your list is enough for four players, so you're good there. Also, as Majeure pointed out, many of the Ties are weaker and easy to destroy than the average Rebel ship. So it wouldn't hurt to add a few of the beefier Imperial ships to your list for variety such as the Tie Defender or Tie Bomber.

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