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Spirit of Rebellion Character Speculation

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So we know that we are getting four characters per color for both hero's and villains in every wave. With the new Spirit of Rebellion expansion on the horizon, I thought I'd take a moment to speculate on who we'll get.






Chirrut Imwe

Kanan Jarrus

Ezra Bridger

Ahsoka Tano




Cassian Andor

Admiral Raddus (I can only hope!)


Commander Jun Sato




Lando Calrissian (Already Hinted At) (Could Also Be Red If He's In His General Role)

Chewbacca (Already Hinted At)

Jyn Erso

Baze Malbus






The Grand Inquisitor


Seventh Sister

Fifth Brother




Grand Moff Tarkin

Director Orson Krennic

Agent Kallus

Grand Admiral Thrawn




Boba Fett





Other Possibilities:


Saw Gerrera (Hero: Yellow or Red)


What do y'all think and or expect?

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I wonder if BB-8 is a precedent and that we'll only see droids as support cards.  Then again, we have seen people as support as well, but not any named characters.


Interesting thought. That might very well be possible and we may see K-2O as a grey support. In the film he often acts in a support role as well so it would make sense.

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Thrawn is confirmed for the set after SoR so, alas, not this time. I also think droids will mostly appear as support, if only because BB-8 is 'Support - Droid' and it seems strange to have that category and have droids as characters too. Then again, there are characters like IG-88 who absolutely must be characters, so I don't know. It'd be super-fun to have K2SO as a 'Support-Droid' with 1MD, 1RD, Disrupt etc... and then an ability which reads "You may attach one upgrade with the weapon characteristic to this support" - assuming anyone in your squad trusts him with a gun!

While 'Rogue One enters Destiny' with this set, I'm increasingly coming to think that we'll only get Cassian and Jyn from the new film for hero, and Krennic for villain - the rest will be drawn from elsewhere (prequels, OT, TFW and as you've noted, Rebels). There are just too many characters across too many periods to dedicate the majority of one set to one film... Although I hope my feelings on this matter are wrong, I want to run Baze and Chirrut together!

My only prediction? Cheaper Rebel generics and more expensive Imperial generics. Maybe 7-point Inspiring Recruits and 8-point Deathtroopers.

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They aren't going to release everything 'important' character in one go. It makes sense to spread them out. They'll likely also continue to release generics.


As such, I imagine we may not even see the entire R1 cast in the set, simply because of space limitations (though it makes sense to try and fit them all in). Everything else will likely draw from across the entire timeframe, and likely include at least a few random dudes as filler - even if they try to keep it R1 focussed, I'd expect stuff like Bail Organa, Dodonna etc would make it in, rather than 'here's all the main characters, stop buying our product!'


As for Droids, BB8 is a non combatant. It makes sense that droids like K2-S0 or IG-88 will be proper characters.

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I agree with those above who note that a Rogue One/Rebels "focus" doesn't mean only those characters. They'll still draw characters from the original trilogy and prequel trilogy — they've covered most characters from the sequel trilogy, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Hux or Unkar Plott either.

I think we see the following Rogue One inclusions:

Cassian (Red)

Jyn (Yellow)

Chirrut (Blue)

U-Wing (Red Support)

Director Krennic (Red)

Death Trooper (Generic Red)

Royal Guard (Generic Blue)

K2 (Grey Support) ... Folks expect K2-SO as a Hero inclusion, but I think the generic Imperial Enforcer droid for Villains could be a possibility. Heroes might get Chopper instead.

Other Rogue One stuff will probably be included via generic events and support (Saw Gerrera on an event card, the Citadel on Scariff as a location). There's tons of potential for Rebels characters, and I bet they milk them over a couple releases (Kanan and the Grand Inquisitor one wave, Ezra and Maul the next, etc.) I also expect to see characters from the prequel, original, and sequel trilogies — Chewie has already been hinted, I would bet on an ESB bounty hunter, and Unkar Plott or Hux could still join the villain roster.

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I think Droids will mostly enter the game as supports not to reflect their role (combatant/non-combatants) but to reflect some innate inflexibility on behalf of droid-kind. I couldn't imagine C-3P0 picking up a DL-44 Blaster, for example, or a Battle Droid picking up a Lightsaber, whereas it's easy to imagine a desperate sentient trying such a tactic. Furthermore, there are already non-combatant humanoids (and non-humanoids) in the game (Padme Amidala, Jabba the Hutt, etc...) IG-88 is probably the clear exception, considering how unique it is.


It seems like the distinction as to whether or not a film character enters the game as a support or a character is not defined by their combat role, but by something more specific - such as, say, being a Droid. In my own opinion, of course. Future waves will tell.

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