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The general 'Rate our Party' thread

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It was the newest version I meant, sorry for not making that clear.  It should have been the first thing I did, seeing as there were so many articles about the conversion kit, but Sadgit has essentially answered my question unless people have any other view on this

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So, I have three hero combinations I am considering for a RTL campaign, I would appreciate any thoughts on general viability or other observations.

1. Trenloe the Strong as a champion, Augur Grissom as a prophet, Roganna the Shade as a stalker, and Zyla as a geomancer.

2. Alys as a Marshall, Andria Runehand as a bard, High Mate Quellen as a conjurer, and Lindel as a bounty hunter.

3. Corbin as a beast master, See Kel as a runemaster, Serena as a Spirit Seeker and Tetherys as a shadow walker.


Thank you.

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