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Wrong Language on Map in the Box

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Hi i recently picked up the base box from a retailer called Webhallen,

it was all wrapped up and not opened before so i assumed all was well.


A few weeks later i got ready to play the game and had everything all set up,

and started reading the location text on the map and realized it is in Polish...


the cards in the box are all in English and so is the text in the Manual and

on the box cover.


I wonder if anyone else have had the experience and what i can do about it.

The store don´t have a separate map so they can´t help, is there any

separate maps to buy or do i have to learn Polish.?! :/

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It´s a great store been a customer for 10+ years so no general complaints, it´s just hard to prove

i haven´t swapped in a map to get a refund and keep the new one in an old box(would not have

been an issue if i had returned it i´m sure,it was just a long time between purchase and me noticing

the problem,most stores are a little less forthcoming a few weeks after purchase).


Not a problem anymore since i got my hands on a new box and finally got to play a game....

8h looong game against Cthulhu himself...i lost...but had a good time getting whooped so

i look forward to next time.


Thank you for your post Joe and Cheers to you as well.



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