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2 and a half year campaign at close.

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Hello all I haven't been back to the DH forums in a long time.


I finally brought my 2 and a half year long campaign to a close. Just wanted to share my over all plot line and see what you all think. Will accept all feedback especially on the direction I took for the close.


So long ago.....starting in DH v1    the team has run ins with the serrated query who are gathering xeno tech, lost age tech, and seem to have a few flesh labs and clone banks.


fast forward to the discovery that the Tryantine cabal is being run by a radical that has ties to chaos cults...cue fight on the capital world and seige of the tri corn.


moving on to the discovery of the obsession over the Harrlock legacy.....insert story arc.....epic villain fight at the end to break the time loop cycle. This caused the PCs to be catapulted into DHv2.


a few investigation and an STC pattern later then are running into the Serrated Query again. Make it into one of the base of operations...long RP session and discussion......get introduced to Malcadore the tenth. Given the greatest truth and the idea behind the question that cuts. Causes the PCs to question faith in the Imperium in its current state. High Lords corrupt and maintain the status... Golden Throne is actually empty. Emperors body actually held elsewhere to attempt to revive...high lords afraid of this have been using the current Inquisition and other assets to hunt down where abouts and destroy.


PCs discover location.....run to gain space marine support. Following is the attempt to use the gained STC knowledge to finish the revival process to bring back the emperor. Meanwhile massive space battle and ground war taking place.


a few very lucky rolls later from the tech priest...Emperor comes back....gathers forces that were battling and makes his move back to Terra to reclaim.



Did I go to far?

Players didn't seem to think so the last few sessions where full of wide eyes and open mouths. 

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I mean, it's your game. You would've lost me at:



get introduced to Malcadore the tenth. 


Even the breaking the time loop of Haarlock thing could've slid by since...well it's time and all and kind of wonky. Even though I have different opinions about the Haarlock Legacy as such. Regardless.


But yeah everything after that felt like it went well beyond the ken of a Dark Heresy game. That's me though, and you asked for opinions.


It worked for your players, so it worked. Simple as that.

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