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Green Knight

Wave 5/Corellian Conflict has arrive in my FLGS!

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I'm broke, so no new stuff for me until mid-late January at the earliest, baring any unexpected Christmas funds. :(


At least there is Vassal!

Ah the double edge of youth. Enough time to become world champion, but no money.

True, True. College has that effect on people I guess.

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So ticked off...



Wife back in Hospital, bouncing in and around admittiance ( throwing 103+ fevers)...


 I finally clear the schedule to be able to get in, first thing, to the Sentry Box when they open....




and the Delivery hasn't arrived yet.




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Mine stash is now resting peacefully in my office :D

Good thing I pre-ordered: the CC and the Arquitens were already sold out when I can to the store, and only a few copies left of the rest.


I'm totally buying my FLGS out of this wave...

Because I'm the only one buying. Or requesting he order it. :lol:


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