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If you had to pick one expansion to buy which one would it be?

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I play the game solo against RTL, with friends RTL and as an Overlord.


If you had to pick one expansion to buy that best benefits solo play, group co-op play and Overlord play which would you pick and why?


Which would you pick just to benefit for the OL play?


Which would you pick strictly for RTL?


Are there any must have monster groups to buy for co-op play?


Thanks in advance!

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For best OL experience playing I'd recommend:


  • Add up the number of monster options. I really like the Monster packs for that purpose. Like InfinityBlack14 said, kobolds (Bonds of the Wild) are an invaluable troop to your strategy, but there is a bunch of them that have awesome abilities. Check a post named "top 10 monsters" or something like.
  • Labyrinth of Ruin to access Basic II.
  • Shadow of Nerakhall because it has a very nice content and a whole new class (shadowmancer) for the OL to build his deck.
  • MoB and CtR because of the new big campaign that seems to be very interesting.
  • MoB reanimates really took my attention out there and the terrified condition.
  • CtR because the new class (soulbinder) for the OL to build his deck.
  • Plot decks!!

For best Heroes experience:


  • Shadow of Nerakhall because of the bard class.
  • LoR because of Logan Lashley and the treasure hunter class.
  • Oath of the Outcast because of Elder Mok.
  • Crusade of the Forgotten for Astarra
  • LotW for High Mage Quellen
  • Visions of Dawn for Ispher
  • Crown of Destiny for Lindel
  • Actually, the heroes from my group are anxious to check  CtR, mainly because of the hybrid classes: Monk (Scout, Healer-Hybrid), Battlemage (Mage, Warrior-Hybrid), Steelcaster (Warrior, Mage-Hybrid), Watchman (Healer, Scout-Hybrid). I guess they will add a good tad to heroes fun.


Having a consensus between OL and heroes interests, I'd get LoR and SoN. In the future, a couple monsters packs would be awesome to have as well.

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I would pick SoN because I think it has the best classes for both the heroes and OL, the interesting bleeding condition, good and thematic monsters, great campaign, and cool items.

A very close second would be LoR because of the basic II deck and the Beastmaster and Treasure Hunter class which are both very fun classes.

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easily Nerekhall.


The city-tiles provide a truly different setting and atmosphere to the more generic grasslands/dungeons (LoR, LotW, Trollfens), the hero-classes are extremely fun, the monsters are very unique and fun to play and the 1vsmany campaign is really good (introduces kind of hidden information mechanic) and now FFG is going to release a free RtL campaign for it.


I also like Manor of Ravens' setting, mini-campaign monsters and the bounty hunter class as well as the new OL class.


Apart from these it really depends on what you are looking for (new campaign, strong heroes & classes, specific campaign-mechanics, specific monsters, OL decks)


The MoB&CtR expansions also look really good, but they lack new heroes, so it's  probably not the best starting point for expansions.

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