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A Discord server for content creators to come together, and share their supplements, as well collaborate on projects and the Community Errata!

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(Apologies for the cross-post: Just want to make sure that as many people see this as possible. Please remove all but one if you deem it necessary.)


Discord invite code: zBF5GFg


Well, the title says it all, really. The general consensus of the group thus far is to use Dark Heresy 2nd Edition as a base, to create supplements and expansions for. Already some of us have converted over the Rogue Trader ship rules, discussed some Errata additions (which is, of course, still up for debate!), and began the arduous task of creating an Adeptus Astartes supplement!


If you're a GM who doesn't want to be constrained by the official books, a content-creator, or simply an oppinionated player who wants their say; then I think that this is the server for you! :D

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