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Assail + Forboding vs. Molten Beam Subtypes

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My player asks - Why are Assail and Foreboding concentration subtypes while molten beam isn't?


I just noticed assail, shockwave and moreover foreboding are classified as concentration.  Foreboding lets me use powers to dodge as a reaction.  if I have a telekinetic shield up can can't use anything with concentration even the non-concentration part of  oh crush?  I know I can concentration on multiple powers I just take a loss on power but according to the forum is sounds like you can't use two concentration powers in the same turn...



The psyker reaches out with his mind to pluck up whatever objects

are available and hurl them at his target. If there is nothing suitable

nearby, the psyker can direct his mental energies directly at his foe,

pounding him with bolts of invisible force.

Value: 200 xp

Prerequisite: Willpower 40

Action: Half Action

Focus Power: Ordinary (+10) Willpower test

Range: 20 metres x psy rating

Sustained: No

Subtype: Attack, Concentration

Effect: If the psyker scores at least three degrees of success on

the Focus Power test for this attack, the target is also thrown 1d5

metres away and knocked Prone. Certain especially large targets

such as battle tanks, Greater Daemons, and Titans are immune to

this effect at the Game Master’s discretion.




The psyker gains an unnatural sixth sense. With this inexplicable

insight, he knows how and where his enemies will attack, dodging

blows and lasblasts with contemptuous and frightening ease.

Value: 200 xp

Prerequisite: Psyniscience rank 1

Action: Reaction

Focus Power: Difficult (–10) Perception test

Range: Self

Sustained: No

Subtype: Concentration

Effect: In any situation where the psyker would be called upon to

make an Evasion test, he may instead attempt to use this power. If

the power is successful, the psyker avoids the attack exactly as if he

has passed an Evasion test with the number of degrees of success

he scored on the Focus Power test.



molten beam

The pyrokine projects from his hands a blindingly bright beam of

sun-hot energy. At the touch of this blazing ray, plasteel liquefies

and flesh bursts into ash.

Value: 400 xp

Prerequisite: Psy rating 4

Action: Half Action

Focus Power: Challenging (+0) Willpower test

Range: 5 metres x psy rating

Sustained: No

Subtype: Attack

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In respect of Foreboding, a psyker can use this power even if he/she has already used an action with the Concentration subtype during their turn. This is because a reaction is technically outside of a character's turn and there are no limitations on the subtypes of reactions that can be taken outside of your turn. That's why a character with a ballistic mechadendrite can choose to use their reaction to shoot instead of evading and this is perfectly acceptable even if they already attacked during their turn.


My understanding of the other psychic powers is that Molten Beam is a fire and forget power. The psyker fires the beam and has no control over it once they direct it at a foe. Assail is different because the psyker is manipulating other objects and/or their foes and pushing them around. The power isn't quite as simple as a ray of fire which necessitates the psyker concentrating more when using Assail to get the desired effect, hence the Concentration subtype.

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Because... They are? :D

What it means is that you can do a Molten Beam, Hallucination, and a Foreboding in the same round. It's how the game is designed.


All the player needs to remember is that you can only do a single action with the Attack and Concentration subtypes per turn, unless there's something that indicates otherwise. Likewise, you may only use one Reaction per round, and never in your own turn.

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