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FFG customer service strikes again

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a couple of years ago I was subjected to a robbery of my folder with all of my cards and a laptop from a bag when i was loading my car 

my miniatures were in a large case and they didn't bother with that 

I contacted FFG
they sent a replacement of the cards i lost 
This was stolen from my doorstep (I live in a high crime area)

they sent a replacement 
the Customer Service of this company is without a doubt the best i have ever heard of 

FFG you are fantastic 
Thank you again


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I was missing one card from a set in another game. FFG Customer Service sent me the entire set without even asking which card I was missing.


Their, and a few others, have excellent customer service. I've always been very pleased and it is one of the reasons I have so many FFG games and, on a couple, bought into a living game such as this one.

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I went to Worlds last November.  I had an absolute *blast*.


This isn't one of those posts though.


Uh oh


I never heard from them again.


Until my case arrived in the mail today.


So...yeah.  A public thank you to FFG for once again going above and beyond, even when their customers are rather foolish and completely 'at fault'! : )


Alright, alright, alright!

Hopefully Asmodee is taking notes. 

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