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The Problem With an X-Wing Fix

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X-Wing _____________ title: Rebel Alliance Only. When you are defending treat all attacks as if they were at range 3. If you are not stressed you may take a free evade action at the start of the combat phase. Pilot skill 6 and higher


I apologize in advance if this already got brought up; but correct me if I am wrong, wouldn't this solve the problem with any X-Wing buff helping the T-70 as well? Aren't all T-65's Rebel Alliance and T-70's Resistance?


That should work, but I think the best way would be the simplest one - an errata which goes like this:

"For the following pilots the ship name should read "T-65 X-wing":

•Luke Skywalker
•Biggs Darklighter
•Wedge Antilles
•Garven Dreis
•"Hobbie" Klivian
•Jek Porkins
•Tarn Mison
•Wes Janson
Red Squadron Pilot
Rookie Pilot"
Maybe include pictures of the cards just in case some of those pilots appear in other ships in the future, and of course print all the next X-wing expansions with the full name.
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Just like an FAQ gave the scyk an extra hull, in the same way, an FAQ could give all X-wings an extra red die.


The only other change required would be nerfing R2-D2 astromech, and this needs to happen anyways.

(R2-D2 may only regen 2 shields over the course of a game)

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Nerfing R2-D2 is unnecessary, he is already restricted to lower agility, predictable ships. On the most effective ships (corran, Poe, Norra), he is essentially beefing the ship into a large base ship that can die in one round of concentrated fire.

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Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but why not do something similar to the TIE Advanced's fix? Give the T-65 a title that either makes an astromech free or reduces its points cost. With most of them being 2 points that puts the generic at an average of 19 points, which seems like a good middle ground between the A Wing (17) and the B Wing (22)

I'm not a competitive player by any stretch of the imagination but it seems like a sensible idea..?

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