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Molokh Gambit Narrative Recap

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Hi Joe, rather than bother you again on Facebook, I'll bother you here instead !  :D  ;)


Wondering what stats you used for the Shuttles [same as Core Set Mission 1 ?] and SandCrawler ?


I printed the 'crawler over the weekend, came out really well but I wish I'd thought to split the tracks in half, as the support material spoiled the detail of the bogies a bit  :mellow: - I really like Jabberwock's stuff, his AT-ST's were one of the first I tried, but will probably revisit them now I've got used to the Junior's foibles! Does seem like he's concentrating on the GI Joe stuff now, though...


...I also downloaded a 1/270 model of the Mos Eisley Cantina, thinking it might look good with the 'crawler parked next to it  :blink:


Cheers, Ian


EDIT: Oh, really think you should put a post in the Paint&Mod section for the Nebulon, I'm sure there are plenty who would love to see it, and might miss it here [like me] in Battle Reports  :rolleyes:

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We travel in all the best circles!


Senator's Shuttle was pretty much the same as the core set mission, except clarifying that it's a friendly small ship and letting it deploy mostly as normal rather than being fixed to the center.  The latter lets opponents just stack up asteroids in your way too easily in a full game.  The DX-9 is kind of like a Y-Wing but moving the 3-turns to 1-turns and adding a hull point and attack for a bunch of squad points.  TopoSolitario has good cards for both of those, here and here.

The Crawler I made up stats for, similar to a Decimator but with no primary. Can take turret, crew, and salvanged astromech though. Importantly, it has a special movement template that makes it move at half speed compared to a small ship.

I have not been successful at printing the couple AT-ST and AT-AT models I've played around with.  The prints collapse or the supports are impossible to remove, etc..  They're on my to-do list to come back to after I get this other stuff wrapped up.

Thanks for the point about the Mods forum, I didn't think about that.

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