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Master Thorn - Battlemage Beastmaster advise

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I personally like to make a plan for my hero (mostly because it saves a lot of deliberation time later in the campaign). First, I assume no extra XP, but "ideal" gear and decide what skills I want. Then, I make another plan that doesn't rely on gear as much if possible. Last, I decide what order I want to purchase the skills based on utility and keeping my possibilities open.

If you're looking for actual skill suggestions, we may play these heroes very differently. However, some thoights:

-beastmaster is a rare warrior that does not require a melee weapon for any skill. This is one battlemage that could avoid planar weqpon if you wanted to.

-Thorn is squishy. Predator is not purchaseable, but Survivalist is. Runes adding health to you is also a good idea.

-Thorn's hero ability depends on havin a surge to spend. Feral Frenzy and Savagery each help you add green dice to your roll- greens have the best surge chance of any dice.

EDIT: Particularly eggregious finger fumbles.

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