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ACT (Australia) Regionals Report.

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Rambling report from last week's Regionals in Australia of what I could remember. Realized there were lots of blanks in my memory when I started writing the details so it's a bit more of a general write up. Sorry for that.


I was originally going to run some version of Luke, Obi-wan and Elite Sabs, or with Davith in there somewhere, but in the end I decided to run Kenny’s top 4 Worlds list. I had a slightly different command deck though.
The list was Luke, Leia, Obi-wan, eSabs, Gideon, C3PO and R2-D2.


The tournament was run on the 4th of December (pre-Jabba release unfortunately). There were 17 players and one was ejected in round three.


Game 1 Constant Motion

Firs up was Dave with a low model count, high damage list.
IG88 + TC, elite officer, eHKs +TC, Sorin + Advanced Comms
Certainly something I didn’t expect to see. I was initially worried that all those high power attacks could snipe my expensive heroes pretty easily. However Dave was a bit aggressive and perhaps underestimated how much damage the Twins can do.
He moved his eHKs up into the firing line very early, followed by the other 3 figures. My activation advantage meant that I could save the big hitters till last. I offered up Obi-wan and eSabs as bait/tribute.
Then proceeded to quickly kill off figures. I don’t remember the exact order of things but I popped two HKs early and Obi-wan died just after finishing off Sorin.
I won 42-11 early in the second turn.

Game 2 Fallout

This game was against my mate Todd. 4 of us traveled interstate for this tournament. I think out of the 17 players, the 4 of us met 4 times in the Swiss rounds.
Anyway, I play against Todd often so I know what to expect, but the same can be said for him.
Bantha, Bossk, HKs, eTuskens, Gideon, C3PO, Temp Ally, Beast Tamer, Devious Scheme

I was given the deployment with the difficult terrain in front of the door. The game started pretty normally. Various focuses being handed out and I used Leia + Battlefield Leadership on Luke to pop the command room door (thanks Kenny for that strategy). So that R2-D2 had access to the top terminal.
Then I brought the twins back down ready to counter the inevitable Bantha attack.
Todd grabbed two objectives with the Tuskens, and I grabbed one with a Sab.
I can’t remember exactly what happened but the twins and/or obi-wan dealt with the Bantha (I think I used Comm Disruption on Jungland Terror) and then I started picking off HKs and Bossk. The HKs did manage to snipe R2-D2 before they died, but all the focused attacks from the Twins and Sabs quickly overwhelmed Todd. He conceded at 34-27 with only his support units and a Tusken or two left.
I think Leia was MVP here. She couldn’t do much damage herself but made good use of Obi-wan and Luke’s attacks. The extra few attacks were enough to tip the game in my favor. It was fairly close since Todd handed in two objectives but once Bossk and the Bantha go down it’s tough to come back from that.



Game 3 Dianoga

Another tough list. Paul is very familiar with smuggler lists and has done very well with them in the past. He’ll go on to Top 4 this tournament.
Han, Jyn, 2x eEcho Base Troopers, Gideon, C3PO, Alliance Smuggler

I know Han is very powerful. Han and Jyn are huge pains to kill because of Cunning and Distracting.
I also know that “Smuggler Box” type lists like this one tend to be a bit slow because they rely on being adjacent to C3PO.

Because of that I decided to go hard on the Dianoga and hope Paul couldn’t catch up.
I got the outside deployment. I killed it pretty quickly, and ended up sitting on 19pts quite early (first turn I think). My opponent was on 6.  
The top terminal was a fight between the smuggler and a single Sab. The smuggler eventually lost that a turn or two later.
The bottom terminal (in the corridor) was a single echo base trooper against R2-D2.

In the second turn I left Obi-wan alone in the middle to tank some hits and hopefully kill an Echo Base Trooper.
Paul threw his second Echo Base Trooper unit forward and got a good grenade off on Obi-wan, Leia and C3PO, but his mate couldn’t finish off Obi-wan just yet.


I brought the twins around to the bottom terminal to kill the trooper threatening R2-D2.

Obi-wan with the help of the second Sab killed his partner in the middle of the trash compactor. Now I was up 27-6.
Then Obi-wan died when Han and Jyn opened fire.

However with Son of Skywalker and Initiative next turn I was able to clean up the other two Echo Base troopers before they got to activate again.
At this point I was leading 37 to 20 so I felt pretty confident. I went deep to try to finish off Jyn who had taken some damage from a Sab previously. However Luke ended up on the receiving end of a Stun and Disable combo, meaning he was out for a turn and a half. I decided to try and get close to saber strike next turn as I only needed to do 2 damage and the Pierce 3 and red dice would help with all the blocks from Cunning/Distracting. That was a mistake.
He also took a bit of damage so I was in danger of loosing a 10pt hero.
If Luke died next turn (my opponent had initiative) I was going to struggle doing any more damage as Obi-wan and the Sabs were gone already.
There was only Leia left. Jyn was on 3 health but I felt it was too risky to waste more shots on her. Instead I charged Leia forward and took a focused shot at Gideon hiding up the back. Thankfully she rolled well, killed him and won me the game. It was a very close, tough match in the end and almost went pear shaped for me at the end. 40 - 20 (though probably more like 40-30 as Luke was about to die).

Game 4 One Man’s Trash

This game was against Adam. He was also undefeated so far.
 2x eStormtrooper with Cross Training 2x eISB, Officer, Probe, Zillo

I don’t think I’ve played Adam before and I’m personally not a huge fan of ISBs so I think I underestimated his list a lot.
I lost a Sab early by trying to contest a terminal. I foolishly split Leia away from the group which limited her effectiveness.

I almost finished off a unit of Stormtroopers early but got a bit unlucky with some rolls. I think the probe droid survived 3 attacks and there were a few X rolls on 1 health troopers. Overall I had fairly bad luck this game but that’s not why I lost. I was all over the place. There was no coordination and I was scrambling from the get go.

Adam also went very deep with his troopers which surprised me and he managed to get a 3 damage grenade on R2-D2, C3PO, Gideon and Obiwan. That hurt because he was able to quickly clean up all my support units. That was the pivotal moment, before that grenade I could perhaps bring it back. But after losing all those activations, it was looking grim.

I kept Luke, Leia and Obiwan alive for a long time but there were just not enough of them left to deal with the swarm of troopers.
On the other side of the map the ISBs were almost completely unharmed just running around collecting crates.
Loss 17-40
This game frustrated me a bit because I usually play imperial troopers. I know how to play those lists, I know what to expect. Perhaps it’s just a lack of experience with this Rebel list I’m using. I think this was the first time I’ve ever played with Leia.
In any case, I was safely through to the cut and got some great promo dice!


Game 5 (top 8) Reconnaissance

As seems to be the case today, another very tough game that came down to the wire.
Jordan was running a Bantha. I hate those things.

Bantha, Bossk HKs 2x Nexu, Gideon C3PO, Temp Alliance, Beast Tamer

Game started as usual. I started in the "downstairs" section. R2D2 took the close terminal and I took a very defensive position waiting for the Bantha to do it’s thing. I didn’t open the door and spread everyone out a bit.
I was very cautious of the Nexu as I knew they can hurt a lot, but I initially thought they were elite.
In any case, Jordan set up his HKs on the other side of his door, opened it and grabbed his terminal.
The Bantha finally came charging down towards me but had to go around the closed door. I think he was only able to get some damage on Obi-wan who was near my terminal with R2-D2. I believe that I had initiative turn two because Jordan was not running Devious Scheme.
This allowed me to quickly dispatch the Bantha with Leia and Obi-wan before it did any more damage.

There was some back and forth dueling but thankfully the HKs were out of the action for a while. They finally came through my door with Bossk I was able to survive that onslaught but did lose the Sabs. In response I hurt Bossk and killed a HK. Luke and Leia both recovered some damage.
His Bossk managed to run away and I gave chase. Like in Game 3, I went deep with Luke to try to finish Bossk off. I was cautious that I was exposing him and risking 10 points but if I killed Bossk, Jordan would be down to a single HK and a nexu. I felt that was worth the risk.

I managed to get just enough damage to finish off Bossk and with a few different command cards like Force Rush and Heart of Freedom I was able to get Luke back out of danger from the HK.
This forced Jordan to use his last Nexu to chase Luke down. He managed to roll well and finish off Luke but Leia killed the Nexu. Now I had initiative again and was able to send a focused Leia up to finish the last HK off for the win.
Not many points were gathered by the cameras maybe about 5 for me and 8 for Jordan. I was able to mill through my whole deck. Son of Skywalker was the last card and I was able to discard it for a strain (from Bossk), then return it with Leia, then pick it up and use it with R2-D2.
Game finished 40-35
As the score shows, it was very close and I would have probably lost if I couldn’t drop Bossk at the end.


Game 6 (top 4) To Your Stations
Semi Final was against Jason. Another tough opponent that I’ve faced before. Jason usually runs smuggler lists so I was surprised to see an Imperial Trooper list facing off against me.
2x eStormtroopers with cross training, eHeavies with TC, Royal Guard, Officer, Zillo

I knew from my previous loss in round 4 to some troopers that I couldn’t just face them head on. After the standard opening of focusing up and R2 getting a terminal, I saw Jason was going for the single objective with the better line of sight.

At that point I decided to go to the two objectives in the side room. I figured I had a pretty good chance of turtling up in there and just gaining 6 points each turn.

I opened my door and sent one Sab, Luke Leia and Obi-wan in there to grab the turrets. I also got rid of Reinforcements with Intelligence Leak.

I sent the other Sab to contest Jason’s objective but I did that too early and he died a quick and pointless death. Gideon and C3PO started to lag behind.
Jason opened his door late in the turn but failed to kill C3PO. His Royal Guard came down towards R2 at my terminal and dispatched him with surprising ease. I’m not used to Royal Guard doing that much damage. Thankfully they resorted to using pool noodles again for the rest of the game.
With R2 dead, Gideon in danger and C3PO out in the open, things were not looking good.

However I had initiative next turn and I was able to reap a good toll early in the round. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish off the Stormtrooper group because of a 1 health X roll on the last trooper. Obi-wan and Luke rolled pretty good defense this turn and I didn’t suffer as badly as I was expecting. Jason was being cautious moving up to my group of heroes and I think that delay helped me a lot. His Heavies were in bad positions for most of the game. Obi-wan managed to finish one off and escape to safety while the other one was very slowly making his way into range.

At this point Jason realised he needed to contest the objectives so his royal guard ran in. Luckily for me, Obi-wan was still alive and thus was denying objective control. Between Luke, Leia and Obi-wan I was able to hold that objective area pretty well. I lost Leia to a well placed Grenade. I ran her back into a corner next to C3PO and Luke after she again failed to finish off the last Stromtrooper on 1 health due to a dodge. But that was a mistake. However following the grenade the trooper finally died.

Between a few shots from the turrets and Luke with Son of Skywalker I left the final Royal Guard on 2 health. Gideon’s death delayed the two remaining Stormtroopers from getting into the fight.
Jason basically had to kill Obi-wan at this point who had about 6 health left. The remaining heavy trooper gave it a crack but didn’t make the range, and with nothing else able to kill Obi-wan I claimed another 6 points from objectives and won the game. 40 – 28.
I was on the verge of loosing that game a few times, it was very nerve wracking to sit in that little room and watch all the troopers swarm towards me. I was lucky that the Heavies weren’t able to bring their firepower to bear and that quite a few troopers were tied up killing R2 and Gideon while I was gaining points.
It was a great game and some very interesting choices need to be made on this mission. I like it a lot.


Game 7 (The Final) Fallout.
Again I bump into Todd. This is his first Regionals event and it’s great to see a new player and friend up in the Top 2. Turns out we were playing Fallout again. Same mission we played on in Round 2.
I went in with the psychological advantage, but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. Todd knew my list now. He knew my tricks and a Bantha combo can really hurt.

Game started in almost the same way. Leia and Luke popped the top door for R2-D2 and Sabs and Tuskens grabbed the objectives just like in Game 2 though this time one of the Tuskens was one space short of an objective. Bossk came round to the bottom corridor when he saw Obi-wan heading that way. I used Ob-wan as bait, I spread everyone out and hoped to delay things a bit and maybe stop the objectives getting picked up. I stunned one Tusken and then it was the Bantha’s turn.
It stomped pretty hard on Obi-wan and a Sab and it forced Obi-wan closer to Bossk, cutting him off. Thankfully Todd didn’t have Jungland Terror, though I did have a Comms Disruption waiting for it. I also removed Trandosan Terror with Intelligence Leak earlier in the turn.

I took initiative and was able to move Leia up to get a shot on with Obi-wan supporting. I think I left the Bantha on one or two health. We traded the Bantha for Obi-wan. He took a solid Tusken hit to the head and died. Both tuskens then ran away out of range of my Sabs, and Bossk grabbed the 3rd objective and also retreated.
Meanwhile on the other side of the map Todd sent both HKs to kill R2-D2. I think he didn’t like the card advantage I had last game. R2-D2 didn’t last long, but it did take the HKs out for a few turns before they were able to get through the door and kill him. I think this helped me a lot as I didn’t have to worry about them much at the start. I brought my whole army back through the middle while Todd ran up his side to the Command Room terminal, intent on turning in his 18 points. I turned in my objective into the middle terminal and set up an ambush with the Twins and second Sab.


I popped the HKs pretty quickly with some Focused twins attacks.
Todd turned in his objectives and put some hurt on Luke. I had to be careful now to not start losing units. I had the advantage and I had to make sure to keep it.
Partially due to good planning and partially due to some luck I placed Leia in a great spot where she was able to shoot into the command room either from the central passage or from my deployment zone. Because of this, when Todd blocked line of sight to Bossk, I was able to come around with Leia and a Sab to attack him from the side. I knew Bossk had to die. He was too dangerous and like I had done a few times today, I went hard to push the advantage.

I managed to bring Bossk down before he could recover. I was holding Lock On in case he dodged but didn’t need to use it (though I should have earlier, I missed an opportunity).
After that, I was able to easily keep the Tuskens at a distance since all my main line units are speed 5 and ranged. I killed one more Tusken and Todd conceded as he only had support units and a single Tusken left.

Final score was something like 34-28.
I think I was pretty lucky in both of my games against Todd, that he wasn't able to use the full power of the Bantha, either because of not drawing the right cards or because I removed some of them with my Spy cards. Losing one of the twins or the support units really hurts this list. 


I want to thank everyone for an amazing tournament. Well run, with a great venue. Looking forward to my local Regionals, Nationals and of course the Jabba's Palace release.
Apologies for the wall of text and for any mistakes, It's amazing how many details I forgot over the week. 

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Thanks for the write up! Going to play in a local fun tourney with Kenny's list (mainly because if I tried out the ugnaught/bantha list it'd be too much :) - and plan to have some fun before regionals in February.


You thinking about coming to worlds in May?

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I'll only be coming to Worlds if I somehow manage to win Nationals. It's far too expensive to just fly over for a weekend. 

Especially when just going to Nationals will probably cost a few hundred dollars. 


Nats before May when we are just doing regionals now? I hope it comes together because it was a great event last year but wait and see I guess. 


Also my favourite line...


There were 17 players and one was ejected in round three. - Wtf?!?! 

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I'll only be coming to Worlds if I somehow manage to win Nationals. It's far too expensive to just fly over for a weekend. 

Especially when just going to Nationals will probably cost a few hundred dollars. 


Nats before May when we are just doing regionals now? I hope it comes together because it was a great event last year but wait and see I guess. 


Also my favourite line...


There were 17 players and one was ejected in round three. - Wtf?!?! 



The player in question (who has history), marked his models with the stickers on the bottom of the base, and was tracking damage on the deployment card things that come in the kits. (very confusing for his opponents, and one must have said something [though I don't know this for sure])

The TO asked him to mark his models more clearly since he was using a trooper list and had double storms and double ISB's. Basically, he outright refused, the TO insisted and things got heated. It got to the unfortunate point where he was basically physically removed from the store and told not to return.


I was at the event (and one of Michaels opponents), but was in the bar and missed the altercation, but I have attended a number of events at this venue and the TO is, rightly, considered one of the best in the country. He is very calm, logical and welcoming, so for things to get heated with him involved is impressive (in a bad way).


I actually could have won our game in that final turn (would have taken perfect rolls for me, and poor for you), If I'd shot Obi (who was on 4 health left) a max roll for me from the heavy, with lock on to remove his passive surge would have done it .... if you'd rolled 1 block. I then would have been able to run the officer to the last remaining terminal and claim 2. Great game though, and I look forward to the rematch (hopefully at NSW regionals)

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Yeah it was a good game for sure. It's always interesting playing different lists (both me and opponents) as it really makes you think. 
I won't be at NSW regionals unfortunately. Newcastle is just too hard to get to and quite expensive considering how close it is to xmas.

I'll be saving up and planning for nationals. 

Bring on the Jabba wave already!

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